September 5, 2013 5:32 pm

Forgotten Films is a Mensa version of Mystery Science Theater 2000 or Siskel and Ebert’s At the Movies on hallucinogens.

Film historian Michael H. Price can give you the inside scoop on the Godfather and GWTW but his true passion lies with the forgotten films of a bygone era. Price prefers to blaze a trail off the beaten path and expose the forgotten lore of the obscure, unheralded and neglected films of the poverty row studios and independents of old Hollywood.

Forgotten Films is not your typical movie review show. Price offers perspectives and behind the scenes information and actually projects himself into the films he discusses offering up first hand knowledge, social perspectives and experiences no one else can provide.

Derelict films such as Ed Wood’s 1965 Orgy of the Dead, the 1976 gay biker flick The Pink Angels, 1947’s off kilter Nightmare Alley and the 1941 mystery/comedy The Smiling Ghost are but a small sampling of the forgotten films to be brought to light by our fearless film historian. Everyone enjoys discovering fresh entertainment and only Price can turn back the curtain of obscurity and peer into Hollywood’s Forgotten Films.

Forgotten Films is based upon and grew out of the popular “Forgotten Horrors” series of film encyclopedias written by Michael Price and George E. Turner. The first volume has remained consistently in print since 1980, selling approximately 100,000 copies in three editions. The Forgotten Horrors Podcast on iTunes consistently has attracted several thousand listeners in addition to building a strong following on Facebook.

Forgotten Films will educate, titillate and entertain classic horror fans, film buffs and general audiences alike. Using the already established fan base created by the “Forgotten Horrors” film encyclopedias, FF’s inventive “inside the movie” format will attract lovers of comedy, camp and classic film buffs as well as the traditional B movie fan. In short, Forgotten Films will create a broad audience appeal.

All funding raised from this campaign will be spent shooting the first 8 episodes of Forgotten Films, in addition to launching our website. If we fall short of our goal we will use any funds collected to shoot as many episodes as possible. Each episode will precede the film discussed, shown in its entirety. Forgotten Films will be distributed on DVD and as a digital download through various wholesalers and through our website. We are also pursuing expanding the show to a half hour program for broadcast on a cable network.

Production Notes

Forgotten Films will go into production as soon as our funding goals are fulfilled. We will produce 8, ten minute episodes to be released with the full feature film they discuss. All episodes should be ready for release within twelve weeks of the start of production. All funds received from the original releases will be funneled into producing additional episodes with a goal of building an audience and eventually taking the program to cable network broadcast.

About Us

Producer, Writer: Mark A. Nobles

Mark has over fifteen years experience as a scriptwriter of educational, music video and documentary programming.  Mark has done production work for NPR as well as writing and co-producing a weekly two-minute module for radio called Texas Music Minutes, which was syndicated on public radio stations throughout Texas. Mark’s latest production, “Teen-A-Go-Go,” was released worldwide in March 2012 through Cinema Libre Studio and has enjoyed critical and commercial success.

Co-Producer, Writer: Michael H. “Mike” Price

Mike is lead author of the popular “Forgotten Horrors” series of film encyclopedias. Originating in 1980 as a genre study covering movies of from the Depression years, “Forgotten Horrors” has remained continuously in print and has generated four sequels. The “Forgotten Horrors” shelf also has yielded several spinoffs, including a survey of villainy in cinema called “Human Monsters,” a biography of pioneering film comedian Mantan Moreland, and “The Big Book of Biker Flicks,” a history of the motorcycle-gang movie craze of the last century.

Director, Cinematographer: Erik Clapp

Erik started his career at KXAS NBC 5 in Fort Worth, Texas as an archivist and Associate Producer for legendary EMMY award winning entertainment reporter Bobbie Wygant. After graduating from the University of Texas in Arlington in 1997 with a BA in Communications, Erik was hired as a Video Editor for Immotion Studios. Erik served as the Director of Video Services for Immotion Studios from 1998-2013.

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