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A group of friends become the victims of demonic forces and are subjected to unimaginable horror.

Agenda 21 starts with the president and the U.S. government secretly deciding to implement an evil, horrific action plan upon the American people, entitled, “Agenda 21” within a matter of days. The story then introduces us to Michael “Mikey” Bradford, his girlfriend, Tia Logan, Michael’s childhood best friend, Sam Walsh and Michael’s younger brother, Lucas Bradford.

When Lucas and Sam travel to Norlina, North Carolina to visit Michael and Tia for a summer vacation, they all have fun catching up on each other’s lives and reminiscing about old times, however, things go from normal excitement to horrific in a short period of time, when Tia, Sam, Lucas and then Michael experience several, nightmarish encounters of being violently attacked by demonic forces. Soon, as they all become constant victims of the demonic forces and are sent through unimaginable horror, they realize they aren’t the only ones being attacked by these demonic forces – it’s happening to people all across the world.

Where Agenda 21 Will Be Filmed:

Agenda 21 is set to be filmed in beautiful, North Carolina, in the city of Sapphire, North Carolina. Below are photos of the house at which we will be filming:

Casting For Agenda 21:

We have a great cast list of actors for this project, most whom are fresh to the true acting world. They all, however, carry great experience and more can be known about them by going to the link below:

About The Film Directors:

The film directors of this project are Palaneseya Chappelle and J.C. both have written, directed and produced several local stage-plays, however this will be their first feature film directorial debut.

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