April 22, 2015 11:48 am

Awaken The Devil

Some say evil is skin deep, yet the forbidden ancient texts say that true evil is embedded into the soul of the world itself. Two brothers unknowingly play their part in an eons old cycle of death and rebirth when homeless brothers Tom and Vernon stumble into an abandoned building for shelter, entering a hellish world of shadows and nightmares that would change their lives forever. Trapped and psychologically tortured by an unseen forces, the brothers descend into a vortex of madness dominated and controlled by demon succubi and paranormal entities for one sole purpose…to re-awaken the Anti Christ.

The Horror Movies Blog Review:

Awaken The Devil is an 85 minute horror/paranormal/suspense/drama movie. Its special effects and graphics are very good. This horror movie is creative and superb and its acting is decent. This horror movie could have been made shorter and give out a greater impact because this full length movie causes the story effectiveness to weaken a bit…..But overall Awaken The Devil is worth watching.