May 18, 2015 5:36 pm

The OmenBizarre occurrences have surrounded several horror movies, these are some of the occurrences. 


During production script writer David Seltzer’s plane was hit by lightening over the Atlantic.

A few weeks later, executive producer Mace Neufeld’s plane was also hit by lightening.

Lead actor Gregory Peck cancelled a flight that crashed. All the passengers died.

Set designer John Richardson was in a car accident. His girlfriend was beheaded in the accident on Friday the 13th.

The crash happened near a sign that read OMMEN 66.6km.








In the scene where the clown tried to strangle Robbie, the actor was really suffocating. Luckily producer Steven Spielberg noticed and saved his life.

Robbie had a poster of super bowl XXII which wouldn’t have happened for 6 years. The actress that played Carol Anne, passed away the day after Superbowl XXII.