August 18, 2015 3:29 pm


This is an interesting and rare discovery made by MMSPZC of Youtube, and his UFAH goup UFO researches.

Date of discovery: August 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

For a long time now, I have wondered what the future AI robots might be like? Would humans and robots become one species? This discovery confirms it. These alien beings were preserved for millions of years in this stance, the exact way they died so long ago. Look at the man holding the woman closely. Look at the delicate ornaments that adorn their body. Its the technology they have inside their body that kept their body so well preserved for so long. This doesn’t look like a statue, but the last moments of a couples life. His head and body is wrapped with an intricate pattern of beads and jewelled clothing.

Is it possible? Think about Pompeii and the last moments of their lives, preserved forever. Yeah, it is possible. But life didn’t exist on Mars? We don’t know that. You and I have only lived a few decades so far.

For over 1,500 years the Pompeii was just a myth, a silly story told to children at bedtime, but it has been found, and is now fact. One day, Mars civilisations will be seen the same way…changing from fiction to fact, and we…the public UFO researchers, will be the ones to accomplish it.

It is also possible that this last moments was caused by a weapon that turns all organic life into stone. This would explain why we have found human-like figures sitting down, laying down and even running in place.