September 1, 2015 8:08 am

This chilling footage shows the moment a chair was moved by a ghost across the floor of a possessed house.

The Ghost agent who apprehend the footage while filming at the property – said it is vital evidence of the the existence of eerie spirits. One of the team, Terry Johnson set up a camcorder at the home in Rowlands Gill, in Tyne and Wear after a citizen expressed fears that he felt the property was haunted. In an hour of ambience Terry documented footage of a chair moving eloquently on its own. The 54-year-old told the Newcastle Chronicle: “We were just gobsmacked when we saw it. “We have never had any footage like it and we haven’t seen anything since. “It’s the most fascinating clue we have got up to now on an investigation.”

Footage: abnormal addict Terry Johnson says the event left him ‘gobsmacked’ The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, added: “It was actually amazing. “I knew there was something not quite right and now he’s just proven it.” Terry, a full-time carer from North Kenton in Newcastle set up the Gateshead abnormal association last year with a departed aide who also had a keen activity in ghosts. And he was come by the homeowner previous this year while inspecting some amazing goings-on at the Red Kite pub in Winlaton Mill.

“Before we go into a equity we consistently do a bit of analysis first,” Terry explained. “We found out the house had been built on copse and that the modern owner has done facelift on the property, and that is object that can stir disposition up.” Terry and his assistant ghosthunters went to the house on Sunday night and set-up their cameras. And at about 10.20pm he asked the disposition to acknowledge themselves, and in bit the chair moved. The homeowner said he’s been indoctrinated his house was obsessed since eloquent in 18 months ago. Sighting: The ‘ghost’ was arrested on camcorder as the ghosthunters sat in the consume room He said: “There were stuff accident we couldn’t explain, stuff like a sauce glass being cut on its side for no reason. “And our dog would consistently just stand and look into space which he never did in the last house. “That got the alarm bells ringing.” After audition about Terry’s work the citizen was decisive to see if he could prove there was object amazing about the house. “I met Terry one night when he was in the local pub and I got articulating to him and I said; “I accept my house is haunted” he said. “I just necessary to see some clue and I knew he had all the equipment.” annals alive Terry Johnson says the behold left him ‘gobsmacked’ But against alert the work of his eerie boarder first-hand, the homeowner is not too spooked. “When I went to bed at first I attention I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I don’t feel any contrasting now,” he explained. “This has just accepted what I attention all along. “But it seems it’s a affable ghost. “I absolutely wasn’t that surprised. “I knew object wasn’t right. “I have consistently accept in ghosts. “I have consistently said I would keep an open mind until I saw it for myself and now I have.”