September 30, 2015 10:25 am

Brian Harnois lashed out at Mark Constantino on one of his Facebook pages. The former “Ghost Hunters” star called the deceased “Ghost Adventures” guest star a “murdering scumbag” and said he deserved to die.

Mark Constantino

Brian Harnois is best known for appearing on the hit series “Ghost Hunters” on the Syfy Channel. Mark Constantino appeared as a guest star with his wife Debby on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” with Zak Bagans.

mark constantino

The Constantinos made national headlines last week when they were found dead in their daughter Raquel’s apartment in Nevada. While in a standoff with police and the FBI, Mark shot and killed Debby, then he took his own life.

“I had to put that asshole in his place once when he tried to talk down to me. Sorry scum, but if it wasn’t for me and the other original Ghost Hunters you wouldn’t have been able to label yourself as an EVP specialist (which you weren’t) and call yourself a TV personality,” Brian Harnois said in regards to Mark Constantino. Harnois also called him a “murdering scumbag” and a “twat nugget” on his Facebook page.

Harnois said that he wished he could “donkey punch” Raquel for her part in the crimes. He also had a message for his fans and friends that were sharing his thoughts on the tragedy.

“My daddy is in Heaven watching out for me and my sister. My mother is burning in Hell where she belongs,” Raquel Constantino said on her Facebook page.