October 9, 2015 4:27 pm

The Santa Maria College in Bakersfield, CA is said to be haunted by an unknown presence. On March 22nd, 2012, Professor Harrold Thomas and his student Deana Banks went missing under mysterious circumstances. A few months later a television crew was allowed into the site to investigate the disappearances. This video is the last piece of evidence of their whereabouts. It has been obtained through an undisclosed source.

Ghosts tend to make their presence known to all kinds of guests. They do not have a preference towards those that believe in them or not. Most skeptics that have a first time encounter with a ghost, usually become believers in the paranormal. It only takes one encounter to realize that ghosts do exist. Ghosts tend to choose places that are large and are usually public attractions like Santa Maria College.

Reasons why Ghosts Haunt The Santa Maria College:

    • Some ghosts remain when their bodies have been improperly buried, or not buried at all; thus, seeking a proper burial.
    • Some people believe that ghosts are trapped on earth because they do not yet realize that they are dead. There are those who believe that they can communicate with these ghosts and help them move on.
    • Some ghosts were a victim of a murder and feel they cannot move on until their attacker has been found and brought to justice.
    • Some ghosts seem to return to re-enact some crisis from their former lives–usually their death scene
    • Some ghosts return to seek revenge, or remain to punish the living for crimes against them or against their descendants.
    • Some ghosts are believed to be trapped by unfinished business: they return to complete some task left undone, to fulfill a promise made while alive, or to convey useful information to the living.
    • Some ghosts appear to remain on earth for the purpose of communicating danger to someone living, or to convey useful information to someone living.
    • Some ghosts appear to have strong emotional ties to a site.
    • Many people believe that a ghost remaining in this world is a clear punishment. Evil-doers remain among the living after death because they have not earned the right to eternal peace and rest.
    • Sometimes there does not seem to be a reason for the haunting, or the spirit merely wishes to continue on.