October 15, 2015 8:31 am

A woman noticed something strange in her family’s photo album, in an old picture of herself recently. The 21-year-old journalist was looking through pictures when she found a ghostly little girl that appeared to be following her in one of the photos.


Anastassia Perets was looking through her family’s photo album last month and she discovered an eerie photo of herself when she was 4-years-old. In the photo, Perets can be seen walking near a bird cage as a ghostly little girl is following closely behind her.

Perets claims that there was no other little girls in the house at the time of when the photo was taken. The ghost girl appears to have blonde hair and she can be seen wearing a long white gown and holding a stuffed animal toy.

“I present you with a recently discovered creepy photo of my childhood. That is all. And if the creepiness factor isn’t obvious, it is because that girl in the background isn’t a real person,” Perets posted on the photo’s description on her Facebook.

Perets questioned her parents about the photo and asked them who the child was. Her parents said that they have never seen the little girl and that she must be a ghost.

“I thought it was a mirror or something but further observation showed me that it was not so I got so freaked out I started screaming and crying and the neighbors thought someone must have broken in or something,” Perets said.

Perets consulted with a psychic, and without divulging the photo of the ghostly girl, the psychic informed her that a spirit of young girl was attached to her and following her around.

The dead seem to enjoy photobombing the living. So far this year, there here have been a lot of eerie figures that were found in photos and selfies. Even celebrities can’t hide from the attenion-seeking ghosts.

Amy Bruni noticed a ghostly figure in an old image that was in her family photo album in November. The former “Ghost Hunters” cast member found the photo while visiting her family and she posted the image on her Facebook page and it went viral. While looking through a photo album with her sister, Bruni found an image that she took of her that had an eerie figure in it.

What exactly is the eerie figure in the photo? Is it a hoax? Could it actually be a ghost? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella