November 30, 2015 1:02 pm

If you thought that Russia was merely a vast country of fur-wearing, vodka-swigging Slavs, you’re wrong.In fact, the country hides a mind-boggling paranormal history, ranging from the simply bizarre to the most horrifying. Here are five mysteries that are bound to keep you awake at night, or make you require a very strong drink asap:

1. Screams from Hell

In the ’80s, Russian geologists decided to trill a 14.4 kilometer hole in the Earth’s crust in Siberia as an experiment. Yet, there were very unprepared for what they discovered.

First of all, the pit revealed excruciating temperatures of over 2000F that came accompanied with agonizing screams from what sounded like human beings in horrific pain. It was almost as if the geologists had opened up a dark portal into the depths of hell!

And claims were further confirmed when apparently, an enormous spectral figure arose from the pit and wrote, “I have conquered” in Russia in the night sky. Terrifying.

1. The Sakhalin Creature

To this day, images of a monster found on Russia’s eastern coastline continue to haunt social media. What appeared to be a decomposing carcass of a huge aquatic monster curiously showing remnants of hair was nothing like what the Russian military had ever seen before.

And while some argue that it’s merely a skeleton of a beluga whale, others claim that it’s “fur” marks it out to be far more alien than that.

2. Nina Sergeyevna Kulagina

Paranormal Horrors

A seemingly ordinary woman, Nina, worked as a radio sergeant before she was injured in the Second World War and retired. It was only then that her psychic powers started to emerge. Not only could she supposedly heal people, but she could also tell people what they had in their pockets. Even stranger though — she could move objects with her mind.

Tested by scientists numerous times, nobody could ever expose her as a fraud. During one experiment, she allegedly managed to separate an egg yolk from the white using just her mind.

Here’s Nina doing her thing:


3. Lake Brosno

Located in the depths of Russia, Lake Brosno is the deepest freshwater lake in Europe. Because of this, it continues to hold a myriad of mysteries that experts continue to puzzle over. And just like Scotland’s Loch Ness monster, the lake hides a similar entity, the elusive Brosno dragon.

Over the centuries, there have been many sightings of this creature — as early as the 8th century, Tatar invaders wrote of a dragon inhibiting the murky waters, and more recently, alarmed visitors have relayed experiences of seeing an enormous “sand island” rising out of the lake, before disappearing again.

4. The Ghosts of the Kremlin

Standing gloriously in the center of Moscow, the Kremlin is perhaps one of the most famous buildings in the whole of Russia. Naturally, as a place layered with history, it comes with it’s fair share of blood-curling ghost stories.

For starters, Ivan the Terrible, Russia’s infamous and blood-thirsty ruler (apparently he murdered his own son and a ton of puppies!) haunts the Great Bell Tower where he mourns his horrific actions. He’s such a strong presence in fact, that some say he visited the last Tzar Nicholas II before his untimely death at the hands of brutal Bolsheviks in 1917.

Painting of Ivan the Terrible and his murdered son
Painting of Ivan the Terrible and his murdered son

Apparently, the place was also haunted by Lenin, three months before he even died!

I’m rather confused about how this is possible but remember this is Russia — and in Russia, anything goes.