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Laughing is good for health, but when an unusual laughter is heard from a coconut tree, then it definitely sounds uncanny and eerie. In a bizarre incident, a family got scared by the noise of a child’s laughter, that was coming from their coconut tree, planted inside their home, Bangalore Mirror reported.

The scary incident took place in the family of one Govinda, in Vandse village in Kundapura taluk of Udupi district, Karnataka.

The worried family members approached an astrologer to seek the solution behind the paranormal activity of a baby’s laughter. They assumed that their house has been haunted by an evil spirit. The astrologer told them to perform a homa, to shoo away the evil spirits.

However, even the home and puja could not stop the laughter of baby in evenings. Coconut climber exposes mystery One day, Seena Poojary, a coconut climber came to their house to pluck coconuts. On climbing the tree, he was shocked to find his mobile phone there, as when the last time, he visited the family, he had forgotten his mobile phone on the tree itself.

His mobile phone had a ringing tone of that of a laughing baby. Then, he unpuzzled the mystery behind the baby laughter and explained to the family, that every evening he only used to call on his mobile number, in a hope to find it.bre Finally, the family breathed a huge sigh of relief!

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