January 6, 2016 4:21 pm

How to Experience Lucid Dreams

The ‘Dream World’ is truly a fascinating place. A veritable universe that expands infinitely within our minds and perhaps even beyond those limits. It is a place to which we often go but may rarely remember. The Dream World is full of mystery and possibilities, it is a frontier that can be accessed by any one of us.

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? A lucid dream is, simply put, a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. I can tell you from personal experience that once you find yourself fully lucid in a dream you will be astounded and amazed at what you discover. The world is yours to discover or to play with…

What if you could dream and know that you were dreaming? Completely aware that you are in the “dream world.”
Can you imagine walking, or even flying, through your dream with complete control over what happens and where you go? It is possible and many people experience it. It is known as lucid dreaming.

A lucid dreamer is like a traveler to another world. They can stop and look around in the dream world analyzing and taking note of what they are experiencing. It’s almost like being on the Holodeck on the Enterprise!

Controlling the Dream Environment

A lucid dreamer may have control over the events and contents of the dream, but control is not the necessary factor which marks the experience as “lucid”. If the dreamer is aware they are in a dream they are, no doubt, in the lucid state. There is a tendency for the dreamer to get caught up in the awe of the realization that they are in a dream and to then lose control and drift back into the normal dream state (It is said that having a good sense of balance helps to avoid this).

Once the dreamer becomes aware of what they are experiencing control is the natural next step, in fact it is possible to control every aspect of the dream. Complete control is rarely, if ever, gained and even then only for short periods of time. The level of control can vary from one individual to another and from one session to another. With more practice one can certainly increase the level of control they enjoy when a lucid dream is achieved.