January 14, 2016 11:25 am


Established horror director and actor Doug Bollinger is set to direct the psychological thriller “Dark Blue”, written by 22-year old Ashley Steele, this coming February. Bollinger, who’s best known for his films “Gravedigger” and most recently “Clean Cut” brings years of experience to the table to turn this would be romantic short into anything but. Steele, who appears in the SAG-AFTRA New Media series “Lindsay’s World” from creator/director Stephen Belcamino and feature length film “See You Tonight”,  stars in the film alongside an ensemble cast of talented actors including Jonathan Drew (from the award winning feature film “Monica Z”), Noelle Lake (“Nobody’s Watching”), Abigail Blades Watson (“Maybe Sunshine”) and newcomer-actor and model Thomas DiCostanzo. The ensemble brings years of experience as well as fresh talent to the film as they prepare for production.

Dark Blue encompasses elements of drama, romance and even thriller as its characters navigate through life in their desolate, beach town. The plot follows a high school senior, Emma Robbins, who finds herself bored of the same old routine with her boyfriend Sean and her alcoholic, single mother Gwen. Emma’s boredom and fear of her impending graduation lead her to act out in search of excitement and purpose, ultimately leading her to start a secret relationship with a mysterious, poetic and mentally unstable suitor named Miles. Will Emma wise up to what’s going on around her, or will she follow Miles down a path of destruction like the characters in her favorite play, Romeo and Juliet? Dark Blue merges tension with breath stealing moments as the lives of the characters unravel slowly at the hands of one manipulative and twisted lead character.

The film features music by popular artists from around the world including Willow Robinson, ‘fō, The Milkman’s Union, Mid Ayr, Open Swimmer, Jesse Macht and My Broken Frame which adds a whimsical, soulful and original soundscape for the story.

Production begins in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in February 2016 and will set out for the independent festival circuit upon completion.