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Today it’s a boarded up, beaten up building in the middle of New Albany’s Grant Line Road. Before, at different points in history, the Floyd County Asylum was a jail, juvenile detention center, infirmary and refuge. 

“It was the county Poor Farm for a long time as well,” said Matthew Jackson, an investigator with paraholics.com

What happened in between the walls of the asylum apparently got ugly.

“Quite a few people passed here,” investigator, Mike Culwell added.

Stories were left untold.

Floyd County Asylum

“Whatever was here seemed to be starving for attention,” Jackson said.

Culwell and Jackson have been learning more about it in the past few weeks, first hand. The two obtained the keys to try and connect with whatever or whomever may still be calling this place home.

What they experienced was nothing short of chilling.

“We had what appeared to be an item thrown at us,” Culwell said.

Voices also allegedly communicated through radio transmissions– willing and able to answer questions, make requests, and call out Culwell.

“He is a bad cop,” the spirit allegedly said.

Culwell is a retired officer from the New Albany Police Department.

“The cop in me is always quick to question every thing, but then there are certain things when they call you by name and say you were a police officer. There’s just no way to explain that,” explained Culwell.

Speaking of unexplainable, when WDRB first entered the Floyd County Asylum, we had two cameras running. A go-pro and standard news camera. Our news camera, with a full battery and in mint condition, began randomly turning off.

“I was just doing my job, and it randomly turned off,” said WDRB photographer, Josh Kidd.

Not once, but a few times. Was a spirit responsible? Did they not want us there?

“Were we communicating with people who passed away here? We really don’t know,” Jackson said.

What the two say they do know is– what continues to happen here is anything but normal.


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