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A Kickstarter to fund the production of a new type of monster film (titled Boggy Creek Monster) is underway. The documentary will focus on the 1971 horror classic, Legend of Boggy Creek, and the true stories that inspired it, and will be filmed in Fouke, Arkansas in partnership with author and television personality, Lyle Blackburn. The titular monster became the subject of nationwide interest after a rash of sightings of a hair-covered beast rocked the tiny town of Fouke in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

A Kickstarter campaign is a form of crowdfunding in which people are welcomed to purchase various “rewards” with the monetary amount given going toward the production of the film. In this case the rewards include apparel, a one-of-a-kind poster (designed by artist Sam Shearon) featuring the Boggy Creek Monster himself, a Kickstarter exclusive hoodie (based on Shearon’s design) and  a chance to see the second film in the Small Town Monsters’ series, Beast of Whitehall, a full month before its official release on April 1st. If you aren’t acquainted with the Small Town Monsters series this is a great way to learn about the series and to take part in a unique sneak preview experience.

The Small Town Monsters’ films are unique in that they are independently funded and produced. Director, Seth Breedlove, a 34 year old investigative journalist, has been honing his craft as a documentarian since his first film; Minerva Monster debuted to much acclaim. His partner on the Small Town Monsters’ series, Brandon Dalo (26) also acts as the composer of the scores used in the movies.

The crew has been spotlighted on national television, major radio shows, and the Animal Planet website. Seth and Brandon are available for interviews and talks. Contact information listed above.

For more information visit smalltownmonsters.com or facebook
Learn more about Sam Shearon at mister-sam.com

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