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Chicago is home to many haunted places, some as well known as the Valentines Day massacre and others as small as a cemetery. It’s common to have a few spirits hanging around a cemetery, but Bachelors Grove is home to quiet a few playful spirits who are definitely not afraid for making it known that they’re there. Such as this amazingly clear photo of a woman sitting on one of the tombstones. Now it’s time to learn more about this spooky cemetery.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery is a small abandoned cemetery located in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. It is well know for it’s haunted reputation and multiple ghost sightings. The most common phenomena at the cemetery is floating orbs of light over tombstones and a phantom vehicle.


Besides orbs and the phantom vehicle others have reported a phantom house. Sadly the only photo of the hourse was taken in 2006. Some reported the house wil shimmer, float, and disappear this was mostly reported during the 1950s. There were also some reports of the house shrinking as they approach it then vanishing.

Since the cemetery was first reported haunted many people have investigated. The first well known investigation was in 1980s, this investigation was conducted by paranormal researchers James Houran, Timothy Harte, Micheal Hollinshead, and Ursula Bielski. However the most recent was in 2012 by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. Their investigation was of course featured on an episode of their hit TV show Ghost Adentures. While they investigated they witnessed many orbs and an odd light coming from the far side of the woodsy area that surrounds the cemetery. However there is nothing on that side of the cemetery and it was impossible for it to be another person due to the fact that the members of the Ghost Adventures team had multiple police officers surrounding the area so no one was able to interfere with the recording.

Are these friendly spirits or is something darker lurking in these woods, waiting for the perfect moment to release itself. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for those brave enough to investigate Bachelors Grove.


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