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Beauty and Power

The ancient world of Egypt popularized in culture today has a very unique past. It inspires an epic physical and spiritual transformation.

The world of beauty was being redefined with eye shadow made to protect from the sun and cause psychic enhancement. The skull was oftentimes enhanced through binding rituals to elongate the head to symbolize spiritual power. This can be compared to plastic surgery and the social economic standpoint it makes. Only certain people are available to be in touch with the Gods and in Egyptian history, it begins with the most powerful.

The world of Egypt that I am talking about is the era of 3150 B.C. until 30 B.C. when the power was over taken by the Romans. Egypt was founded along the Nile River. The legends of Egypt still hold power over us to this day for its mystery, spirituality and beauty. It seems to have been ruled by some of the greatest leaders of all time who credited their work to the spiritual world and whose kingdoms may be buried but still expand onto our culture today. Their gods and legends still hold power over us to this day proving that they excelled in spiritual and physical endeavors, successfully merging the two energies.


There is ancient talk of the enormous architecture still left over today. People have often times equated the weird practices of their truly unique culture to the similarities of those of beings that descended from the sky. After all, somewhere, someone had to become inspired and what better way than by visitors from the stars. Alignments with certain constellations in the sky seem to beckon for a star landing and the advanced knowledge of the civilities that quickly evolved to become so powerful over a vast majority of people all at once, as if breeding an extraterrestrial army that takes hold of us psychically.

The amount of emotion and spiritual power that ancient Egypt holds over us is so incredible that you can feel the energy simply by connecting through music and popular culture. Ancient hieroglyphics showed remarkable similarities to modern day U.F.O sightings. The writing that left a mark on us all still exists.

I myself have even seen a U.F.O or perhaps the sky god Horus, myself. I have spoken in several of my articles about the day that I was a young girl and looked above me because I sensed something in the sky. I saw the sky open up like someone pulling apart curtains and I saw an enormous blue eyeball just like the symbol of the ancient sky god Horus and it opened its eyelids and rolled its eye into it’s head. I was traumatized than right after so I was not sure if this was a psychic envision or an actual U.F.O. or God it was so real. Once I saw it the sound was as if large boulders were moving down a mountain at incredible speed and it saw me and the blue sky curtain was opened and it went backwards into another dimension. I think there was a black space the second time the sky opened up. The more I think about it the more I remember, I try to think of the first memory I had and I thought it was a cyclops eye. The similarities between what I saw and the symbol of the great eye of Egypt are too close to be just a coincidence.


What is beauty? It is a perfect mixture of magic, health and intelligence. Beauty can protect your skin from the elements, disease, spiritual curses and anything that could hinder your Earthly and Heavenly existence at its best. The Egyptians painted their eyes with lapis lazuli to protect themselves from the sand, sun, curses and enhance spiritual gifts.

Their heads are elongated through binding rituals which causes an irregular shape of the skull, eternally signifying the bond between beauty and the Gods, knowledge and power. This custom was practiced worldwide. There was no mistaking the ancient peoples who belonged to the divine. They demanded respect.

Many spiritual stories emanated from this culture which inspired many people to become polytheistic, or worship multiple gods and goddess. The most relevant one would be Horus, the god that inspired the image of his eye upon multiple public and royal pieces of historical architecture.

Neferhor is the name he took in his youth. Horus is drawn as a falcon which has a deeper meaning of the sky itself. The eyes of a falcon are simply stunning and they symbolize a relationship between heaven and Earth. His offspring are the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians definitely recognized transformations.


Words like holy fire,
From your mouth depart,
My love poisoned by a vampire,
Like spells they return my heart,

I am lost in a ghost land,
Unlocked artifact with your key,
With your hands you worship,
I can feel you resurrect me.

Book of the Dead

The book of the dead is an ancient funerary script that described the various curses and procedures to avoid these curses upon burial and resurrection to efficiently navigate the spiritual world at your best.

Important people were mummified and buried with much careful spiritual respect. Those around them that were special to them were also buried with them in order to ensure a bond and connection within the next life.

In this way they can evolve their spirits as well as their energies as a team for one true purpose in eternity. One of the first scripts is found on the walls of pyramids. Funeral amulets were made with the eye of Horus symbolizing spiritual and royal powers throughout the whole universe.

I want to let you imagine this world where beauty and power has overcome everything else. The energy that is created from this ancient culture is still legendary to this day, almost proving the power of magic and beauty of ancient times. Many people feel a soul connection with ancient Egypt. Egypt is the land of magic and power. These are the legends of Egypt that we tell today.

The Falcon

Your voice is sharp and beautiful
Royal power for Kings of the high skies
Gold sand becomes the glitter and
Sapphire ghosts highlight your eyes
They are showing you visions
To come home
It never felt safe here
Where man wanders and the spirits
Are lost and alone
Restless, In fear
Without wings like a falcon
When my home is the sky
Than I know
Why angels
For us

It is strange the way that ancient Egypt has become immortalized. Maybe it is all the magic that surrounds this culture, and maybe it is the beauty. Either way, the pyramids of Egypt and all the tombs, legends and stories is inspiring to look at and a true treasure buried beneath the sands of time. Egypt has stranger tales than most could ever imagine that still reach into present day. What is this hold that it has over us?

Abydos Boats

Abydos boats are ancient Egyptian boats that were shaped like slender coffins and used in royal ceremonial passages of the dead into the spiritual world. This technique was used since the first dynasty of Egypt. The front of the boat faces towards the Nile River. The shape is elegant and slim.

Bible Stories

Most Americans know the story of Jesus and the many religions that surround him. Egypt is the popular setting for most stories of GOD, the LORD. Similarly, this is where the story of the devil starts as well.

The hot sands of Egypt resemble a type of hell where ones element would be that of fire, of the brightest sun. Here is where one with that power would draw his strength; Egypt, with her cobras and exotic snakes, a great sign that there is spiritual and royal truth within the mythology of good and evil.

The star Sirius, was often thought to be the star Sothis, of whom was the brightest and most inspiring star, often causing the Nile River to flood upon its arrival. The tale of this star traces back to the earliest civilizations of people. Stars are very important in the Egyptian mythologies, symbolically and as a sign from the Gods and Goddesses.

Burial Chamber

It is very important to figure out in life what you want to accomplish upon your transformation into the next realms. This is necessary in order to gain focus and materialize yourself into another dimension upon your passing. If you wish to move on than I believe that you will yet if you don’t want to leave, I don’t think that you will.

Every day we are doing our customs, many traditional and many without realizing it. Burial rituals change from one generation to the next but the one common theme in Egypt seems to be magic, royalty, power, beauty and blood. What is done in one life is going to carry over with you into the next because essentially, you are the same soul energy no matter what. This is why it is important to be true to yourself and embrace what makes you feel happy, to know yourself, to be able to believe.

The most well-known tombs are within the Valley of the Kings. They are magnificent because of the thought and dedication put into helping ones soul fit into the next life. It seems like you are going to need some proof in order to convince the Gods in the afterlife that you can be useful in the next. Inscriptions, incantations and beautiful energy is put into the bones of the dead. The book of the dead is a funerary script that is welcome here.

Dreams I Have of Egypt

8:25 AM / On a Boat
November 2, 2014
I dreamed that I was in dark black waters like a curvy river. I was in a boat like a tiny ancient Egyptian boat with the wooden spiral front piece. I was on the boat with a tall man that was in control. It reminded me of a painting.

Friday, October 10th 2014
Hidden Tomb and Astrology Rocks
I dreamed that during the daylight that was changing to dusk, I was walking around a marketplace. The marketplace was an old time one with stands and people dressed in clothing that was not finely detailed.

There was an old woman that was a fortune teller. She was about two hundred pounds and about five foot tall. I went to her wooden stand and she had three rocks out on the table. One was my moon sign- Aquarius, one was my sun sign- Libra and the last was a full moon sign. She said that it meant that the full moon light was shining inside of me.

Then, as it began to turn dark I walked up a large dirt hill. There was a girl without a shirt on but she had no breasts and my ex-boyfriend. We were walking and we stopped to notice that there were holes in the ground. While I looked into the tunnels in the dirt I saw a buried cemetery or something like that. There was a dragon’s head sticking out like it was sculpted out of a very dark wood or stone, I couldn’t tell.

I saw another large sculpture buried right beside it.
We were debating going in or telling anybody than I had a flashback. In my flashback I was in a house and I was being terrorized by a demonic entity. The demon was scratching me and it had hate for me. Then, I was standing in front of the hole again but alone and the demon was hurting me with all of its strength.

Saturday, May 10th 2014
Kohl Eyes
I dreamed that my eyes were outlined in a lot of black kohl. It was smeared in a weird way.

Saturday, January 25th 2014
Dream Ladders
I dreamed that it was not night and it was not day. It was both so that if you looked at things from a different angle, the color will change. There was a ladder, it did not go to Heaven, but to the sky, and I walked up the coral, blush pink stairs, and I found a black and silver and metallic pink pages-book in a empty room, that only contained sound.

Sunday, August 18th 2013
Scarabs in a Museum
I dreamed that I was in a museum, and I got bit twice by a huge red Scarab. It was a museum display, but it kept coming to life to bite me.

I ran to the top level of the museum, trying to outrun the Scarab, there was a tower that was something like 35 stories high and I accidentally broke a hole in the top floor. It was like a display or something, not a real building.

Friday, October 12th 2012
Buried in the Sand
I dreamed that there was a girl that went missing on her wedding day. I found her three days later. She was buried in the sand, in a coffin.

When I opened the coffin, she was in the sand and she woke up and sat up in the coffin. I turned around and saw that she was alive.

Friday, August 10th 2012
Ivory Vampire Castle
I dreamed that there was a pack of vampires; someone was trying to kill them. They had tombs with protecting devices, in each, on the outside of the ivory castle walls. They were standing straight up and down. Someone lifted up a spell and the vampires almost fell onto the ground during the day, but, their protectors saved them and they awoke in the sky.

Their capsules then shifted up, instead of down. There were vines with red roses around the castle.

Thursday, September 8th 2011
Egyptian Song
I dreamed I was singing a song with Egyptian music playing “Fall for you, Fall for me- I am an egyptian queen.”

Monday, July 4th 2011
Egyptian Sand
I dreamed I was riding in the sand, past a bunch of workers. I was in some sort of jeep vehicle. I stopped and got out of the vehicle and looked over a slight edge and saw some ancient Egyptians working on a white boat. I said nothing and kept traveling.

Up ahead on the road I saw my friend. My hair was black and I was contemplating whether or not I believed in reincarnation. I looked outside of myself for a moment, and saw a scarab tattoo on my lower back.

My friend said she had spoken with the man building the boat. He had lent her a piece of jewelry for a day . It was a gold and black case that opened up like wings spreading on a beetle to reveal a gold and ruby scarab. It was a necklace. I lied to my friend and asked to borrow it knowing I was going to steal it. I felt like it was mine, like I could remember it.

The next day I was driving through the sand and stopped where the boat man was working the day before. An upside down man, yellowish creature jumped in front of me hanging by his legs. I said here I have something for you and threw a replica of the necklace at him. He became off guard and could not see well believing it was the original necklace. So, I ended up keeping the scarab necklace.
More dreams from my blog; www.shootingstarbaby3.bravejournal.com


If one wishes to be seen by the great Osiris, one must become mummified.

This process includes removing all the organs from the body except for the heart which would be the main motivator in your daily life and that which needs to be weighed for eternity.

My heart will definitely have a hard time making it through. If your heart is too heavy perhaps you may have taken life so seriously, if it is light perhaps you did not take life seriously enough. The great mystery of the Gods and Goddess is that they are riddles waiting to be solved. The Egyptians had souls inside of their hearts, thoughts feelings and emotion that will never die as they are encased and mummified safely. If we honor our dead so greatly, perhaps we would have the legacy of the Egyptians.


Scarab drawing the truth in the sand

Wings over time in a dream land

I rush to the Pharaoh

The hourglass in my hand

I sink slowly in quick sand

Like white dust

Sprinkled in to my eyes

I cross into memories past



My tomb is my vessel
Where I can travel the galaxy
My Abydos boat
Drifting peacefully
Cobra rising and
Meteor fire
Immortality awaits me
On the shores vampires
Magic, blood, Kings
Destiny because
I am waiting no more

Columnist: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Dendrologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International


Eucalyptus has a fresh smell and a white smoke. There are a number of varieties of Eucalyptus grown each with its own distinction. The best Eucalyptus is grown naturally and in a great location. Eucalyptus is native to the land of Australia. It was brought into California by the settlers approximately in the 1800’s. Trees were planted in the city of Elk Grove, to use the leaves as medicine and as a wind barrier for their caravans.

Best Time to Smudge

A good time to smudge is when you sense that evil is near or during a new moon. In this way, you are clearing out the old energies of the past and making way for the new. It is powerful tools that can help you change into the person you want to be and bring happiness into your life or those around you.

When you have chosen a good time to smudge, it is important that you choose a bundle of herbs that is not to dry and not too fresh. A fresh bundle will have a hard time burning, as it is filled with moisture. A dried bundle will burn too quickly and inefficiently. The best way to tell when it is time to burn your bundle is by the color. Fresh Eucalyptus is dark green and a perfect shade would be a pastel green into a drier shade. If your bundle is too fresh, simply hang upside down and wait to dry for up to 4 weeks.

How to Smudge

When smudging, it is important to open windows to push the old energy out through. You can start at the back of your residence and move into the front, pausing outside the front door for a final prayer. To start, light a wand at your starting point and call on your ancestors, angels, gods and your higher self for help. Offer prayers and intentions to the universe. Once the flame has caused the herb to glow or after 30-45 seconds, blow the flame out and use the smoke as a tool to cleanse the air. You may smudge alone with only a wand but, be wary of falling embers. If there is a lot of an ember, use a plate, seashell or glass to catch flyaway pieces. Smudge you, or places and objects. Be very thoughtful of the fire hazards and what you can do in case of an emergency.

Metaphysical Uses

The smoke is used for good health, purification and healing. It is used to also ward off evil. It can clear off scents from other people, animals and cooking. You can pray, meditate, do yoga or art. It is a great therapy for healing the land and people.


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