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Butterfly Spirit

Butterflies have a very small life span and much of that is spent in a metamorphosis. A butterfly is a symbol for love, death, resurrection, the human soul and spiritual protection. Death is simply a transformation from one state of being into the next. A butterfly lives in our world as a caterpillar, sticking to the earth and then slips into a cocoon, awakening into a spirit of the air flying and soaring, looking for immortal love.

Because butterflies are attracted to flowers, their gentleness is very evident. A flower is also a very fragile piece of wonder that has a shortened lifespan but nonetheless serves a very great purpose. There are many different variations of flowers and butterflies throughout the world that have sparked fascination and many daydreams and legends. The butterfly represents the beauty of death.

Below, I want to share with you a few legends from across the world. These legends can inspire you, open your mind and fill you with a spiritual understanding. Here is the spirit of the butterfly from human perspective;


Butterfly Lovers
This beautiful legend comes from China. It is actually considered one of the greatest folk tales in cultural history. The legend takes place approximately 265-400 CE. A beautiful woman named Zhu disguises herself as a man in order to take local study classes. At her school, she meets a man named Liang. He does not see that she is a woman and so he cannot tell she is falling in love with him. They become close.

One day Zhu’s father announces that they are going to be moving. They move without Zhu having the courage to confess the truth that she is really a woman and that she is in love with Liang.

As they separate their lives, Zhu is arranged to marry another man by her father. Liang becomes deathly ill and passes away. On her wedding day, she runs in despair from her arranged husband to Liang’s grave and cries and begs God to let them be together. All of a sudden, she is transformed into a butterfly and so is Liang as he is resurrected from his grave. Together their spirits love each other for eternity.

The meaning of this Aztec goddess name is translated into either obsidian or clawed butterfly. Bats in mythology are often referred to as black butterflies. Itzpapaloti is a tzitzimitl, or star demon.

Itzpapaloti fell from Heaven onto Earth where she sometimes parades around as a beautiful woman in disguise. However, do not let the image of a butterfly have you think gently of this goddess. She is also depicted with fire and as many different airy clawed monstrous beings that can bring souls to the afterlife and justice and punishment to those whom she decides.

She is feared during solar eclipses as she can feast on who she pleases and she appears to have an appetite for human blood. The stars that she is associated with seem to burn more brightly during this time.

To see a butterfly in your dreams represents spiritual transformation. A butterfly in your dreams has also come to represent creativity. There are many varieties of butterfly, pay close attention to the wings. Take into account the colors and the size and patterns you may be seeing as this could unlock many subconscious clues for you.

This is the goddess of the soul. In art and history this woman is depicted with butterfly wings. Stories passed down from ancient Greece, tell us that is because of her transformation from maiden into goddess. In Roman mythology, she is referred to as Anima.

She is born to a king with two sisters. She is considered so beautiful that some choose to worship her over Venus. She is escaped the wrath of many envious goddesses and their obstacles and married the God of love, Cupid, ensuring her position of beauty and power over all for eternity.

The butterfly is truly a magical spirit that inspires a mystical side in all of us. From their uniquely designed wings, to their noble flight, they exist for a small moment in the world of the living. Their being is changed and ascended into higher places, encouraging us to take a different perspective on the world than what we already know.

The Heart is a Butterfly

Written by; Deanna Jaxine Stinson at www.teardropsofanangel.com

The heart is a butterfly
Whose wings flutter through the sky
To the beat of desire
A rhythm above
Breathing time and love
Into a burning fire
Of beauty

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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