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Sharon Tate was a rising star who reigned during the 1960s after making her film debut in the ‘Eye of the Devil’.

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Her popularity further rose when she married Roman Polanski, her director and co-star in ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’.

However, she left this world early at the age of 26, murdered at the hands of Charles Manson’s followers. And she didn’t go alone.

In addition to three of her friends, Sharon was murdered with her eight-month son still in her womb.

What makes Sharon Tate’s murder even more tragic, is that it could have been avoided had she taken heed of the warning of Paul Bern’s ghost.

Who is Paul Bern?

Paul Bern and Jean

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Paul Bern was a cinematic genius. Born in Germany in 1889, he began dating the blonde bombshell Jean Harlow, shocking thousands in Hollywood as he lagged behind when it came to looks.

What he lacked in looks, though, he made up in personality.

He earned a reputation as Hollywood’s Father Confessor because of his sensitive and compassionate personality, a rarity in Tinseltown.

Now Bern was always a mystery man, which is when his appearances in Hollywood’s legendary nightlife was quite a surprise.

Further surprising the crowd was the announcement of their marriage.

They didn’t put much planning into their nuptials; in fact, Jean went into a dress shop and bought a white dress and shawl off-the-rack. Despite the urgency of their marriage, they both seemed very happy.

A few weeks into their marriage, Bern started looking unhappy, distraught, and almost haggard. On September 5, 1932, just four months after tying the knot with Jean Harlow, Bern was shot to death in their home.

The butler found his body in his wife’s bedroom; he was nude, drenched in his wife’s favorite perfume, and lying in front of a full-length mirror. However, he called MGM instead of the police, prompting the studio to send over its own security staff. Two hours later, the Los Angeles police were notified.

Later, a suicide note left on a dressing room was discovered.

Paul wrote, “Dearest Dear… Unfortunately, this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done you and wipe out by abject humility. I love you…. Paul”

Beneath his signature, he added a postscript saying, “You understand that last night was only a comedy.”

Till this day, Paul Bern’s death is considered a mystery.

While MGM stand firm by their conviction, there are several bits of evidence that prove that Bern didn’t kill himself, such as the two empty glasses and a woman’s wet bathing suit found near the swimming pool.

This could be why his ghost is still haunting the Harlow House, the place he breathed his last breath. However, many believe that his first appearance wasn’t a haunting; it was a warning.

How Bern Tried Helping Tate Avoid Her Fate

Paul Bern Harlow House

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One of the people who moved into the Jean Harlow home was Jay Sebring, a stylist who would later become the premier men’s hair stylist in Hollywood.

Now Jay was engaged to the then-struggling-actress Sharon Tate. However, she ended their three-year relationship when she met her future husband Roman Polanski. As their breakup was far from bitter, they remained close friends.

One night in 1966, Sharon stayed at Jay’s house on her own. Unable to sleep, she kept all the room’s lights on. Telling the story to reporter Dick Kleiner, she mentioned that she was uncomfortable for no reason.

She felt “funny” and every little sound seemed to echo in the empty house. Suddenly, a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom. He ignored her presence and continued searching for something.

Sure that this was the ghost of Bern, she donned her robe and ran out of the bedroom. However, what came next was a chilling experience considering her future.

As she started down the stairs, she froze in shock. At the staircase posts at the bottom of the steps, she noticed a figure tied there with its throat cut. Before she could discover if it was a man or a woman, the apparition vanished.

Sharon tried several times to believe that she had seen a bad dream.

However, had she taken heed, she, her unborn son, and her friends would have been safe from the Manson Family. So, always be open to the idea that not all ghosts are evil; some may be trying to protect you.


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