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Recently, one of our fellow Roadtrippers mentioned “The Devil’s Toy Box” in Louisiana. They had come across this creepy place on CreepyPasta, which is a community of fellow horror enthusiasts who share urban legends. So, what is “The Devil’s Toy Box”? Allegedly, it’s a cabin in Louisiana that makes people go insane. According to horror fans, this urban legend was inspired by Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series, in which the “Lament Configuration” is prominently featured as the creepy toy puzzle box (if you’re familiar with the Hellraiser horror series, this is commonly known as “Lemarchand’s Box”, and if you configure it in such a way you can literally “raise hell”…i.e. summon Pinhead, and his demonic minions, known as Cenobites).

And here’s how the “movie boxes” ACTUALLY work:

So, allegedly, the “Devil’s Toy Box” is a one-room cabin that is designed with mirrors, from the floor to the ceiling. If you stand in this shack for long enough the devil appears and steals your soul.


Actually, this is a topic that has inspired paranormal researchers to investigate:

In February of 2012, a paranormal researcher by the name of Joshua P. Warren released the first recorded audio from one of his latest experiments, “The Devil’s Toybox.” Essentially, the Devil’s Toybox (DT for short) is a six-sided box that is made from equally-sized mirror panels for form a cube. This is pretty easy for most people to imagine, but the twist is that the mirrors are all turned to face inward instead of outward. – Parnadorica Parapsychology

devil featured

It’s not all that surprising that mirrors are believed to hold paranormal properties:

Mirrors have long been considered gateways into other dimensions, specifically the afterlife. A lot of people today pass it off as superstitious nonsense, and in truth the idea that “the man in the mirror” is really a copy of you trapped in another dimension does seem silly. However, more modern research into the science behind why paranormal things happen begins to bleed into physics and quantum physics. The idea behind the Devil’s Toybox is to use what we know about physics and manipulate energies in a way that becomes conducive to paranormal experience. – Parnadorica Parapsychology

The question is…IS THIS REAL?! We’re appealing to all the fans of Roadtrippers, have you heard of this urban legend? Is there a “Devil’s Toy Box” near you? Please let us know in the comments so we can update accordingly.

According to the legend, if you stood inside this mirror-room alone for too long, supposedly the devil would show up and steal your soul. In most versions of this story, he did so by flaying you alive. I mention all of this because about two weeks ago, I got an email from an 18-year-old girl located in Northern Louisiana who we’ll call “Erin” (the specific town where Erin lived shall go unnamed for reasons that will soon become clear).


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