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Some History:
Joseph ‘Razorback’ Waterman, a civil war veteran came out to Lincoln after the Civil War to take advantage of the productive farmland. He found himself assisting local farmers with grazing cattle and planting orchards. Eventually he went to work at a fruit packing plant and became acquainted with a local celebrity of Lincoln named J. Parker Whitney, the owner of Spring Valley Ranch. Razorback was quick with his razor edged knife, when it came to brawling. He never killed a man, but men feared his knife wielding abilities. Trouble soon found Razorback and when he got into a brawl with a local drunk over a girl, Razorback took that knife and sliced the man across the face. Three weeks later, Razorback was ambushed and shot in the back. He was found lying dead facedown in a pool of mud. The townsfolk thought he could have possibly been ambushed by the drunk that fell victim to his knife. It is told that he died near the property of where we are investigating on August 7, 2010, Saturday.

HPI London Researcher Laurie Rutledge discovered many interesting historical tidbits about Lincoln, read about it here:

Activity at this Private Residence/Property:
EVP captured by the local ghosthunting group, can flies across hallway, cup falls over on table and rolls full length of table, objects move around house and placed in different locations, dogs bark at something that can’t be seen, laundry door opens and slams by itself, weird vibes felt in house, Indian artifacts found on property.


Lincoln Part of the UFO Triangle Corridor
According to Dr. Bill Birnes, Publisher of UFO Magazine and Lead Investigator on History Channel’s UFO Hunters, the Triangle Corridor is a hotbed of UFO activity. Lincoln is in the Triangle Corridor. The Triangle Corridor runs through gold rush country -Placerville, Amador, Placer, Siskiyou, El Dorado counties, all the way up to the mysterious Mount Shasta. Why would UFOs be attracted to the Triangle Corridor? Perhaps the gold? The Annunaki mentioned in the Sumerian Clay Tablets came to Earth to mine gold to save their dying planet Nibiru. It would be a logical explanation that UFOs are still interested in our gold and that is probably why UFOs are seen flying around old gold mine shafts. So we will be on the lookout for UFO activity. To learn more, read: UFO Experience: Lincoln, CA Resident Recounts Triangular Craft Sightings.

With everything that is going on at the property…UFO sightings, possible poltergeist activity in home, Welch Tommy Knocker gnomes as discovered by Laurie Rutledge and of course ghosts, I will have to sum it up as: Ghosts, UFOs, Tommy Knockers and Poltergeists..oh my! Now let’s move onto the investigation…

Before this investigation gets started, let’s take a roll call. Ufologists/Fortean Investigators present are: Dana Pankosski; Paul Dale Roberts – Lead Investigator General; Geoff Foley & Matt Russell – Videographers – Waterline Entertainment/Project Paranormal; John Shue – HPI Videographer; Kathy Payne Foulk – Lincoln Paranormal Investigators; Steve Foulk – Lincoln Paranormal Investigators;
Melanie Balfour – Personal Assistant to Paul Dale Roberts. Central Valley Paranormal Searchers: Kim Phillips, Sherry Andersen, Crystal Scudder – Lead Investigator; Becca Hunter, Ozzie Ragasa, Lisa Gottschalk, Marie Oswood. P.E.T. (Paranormal Exploration Team / Woodland: Teresa Williams – Lead Investigator; Mike Berland, Jerry Gupton, Patty Zloczewski. Angel Kesti – HPI; Steve Roland and Jennifer Roland – HPI. East Bay Paranormal / San Leandro: Kyle Humburg – Lead Investigator; Ashley Johnson, Dyani Dominquez, Jeff Clyde, Matt Haggins, Jamie McDonald, Steven Hedrick. CSI (California Spectral Investigations/Waterline Entertainment): Matthew Clark, Geoff Foley – Videographer. Shirley Hasselbrink – HPI Psychic, Helen Henkel – HPI Psychic, Tiffany Gonzales – HPI Senior Lead Investigator, Jennifer Newell – HPI Psychic, Jordan Madigan – HPI.

Equipment being used: digital cameras, laser lights, high powered flashlights, night cam video cameras, digital audio recorders, walkie talkies, monitors, Electromagnetic Field gauges, Geiger Counters, telescopes, binoculars.

Tonight I broke up the teams into 4 groups. Crystal Scudder – Lead Investigator of CV Paranormal. Tiffany Ensign Gonzales – Senior Lead Investigator of HPI Task Force. Kyle Humburg – Lead Investigator – East Bay Paranormal. Teresa Williams – Lead Investigator of P.E.T. Areas being covered: Creek, pond area where Native American Indians had a settlement. Front part of the house for ghost/UFO activity. House for ghost activity and backyard for ghost/UFO activity.

Investigations will be for 45 minute durations with evidence briefings after each session.
People will be called in when I blow my whistle. Each Team Leader is equipped with a walkie talkie, along with the 2 videographer floaters.

CVParanormal: Witnessed fast moving starlike UFOs crossing the sky. They signaled what they thought was a satellite and got a light signal back. Some of their investigators thought they saw a shadowy entity in the woods. East Bay at the creek think they got a low groaning moan EVP. They heard a loud shuffle in the bushes. They witnessed a head popping up from the pond. The head was the size of 2 human fists. Note: The head that they witnessed could have been river otters or turtles. They picked up a strange red light on their video. Orbs are captured on photographs and video. Disclaimer: Orbs can be anything from dust, lint, skin flakes, light refractions, but may be a spiritual containment field if we can determine intelligent movement. P.E.T. took a photograph that may be a full body apparition, later as we looked at it, it may also be a light refraction, more analysis is needed. The investigators on their team had personal experiences and were touched. They also captured one EVP of a man saying ‘no’. Helen and Shirley felt strong energy by the barn and captured orbs on their cameras.

More details were discovered with East Bay. Kyle states in his own words: “While my team was walking from the creekbed to the pond, they had 1 digital camera battery and 1 cell phone battery go completely dead from being fully charged. Also, in that same stretch of land, 2 investigators, within several minutes of each other, witnessed an electromagnetic field of 3.1 minigauss to 3.7 minigauss. At all other times, the field was under 1.0. Also, later during the second set of investigating, I was sitting in the house and my walkie talkie started quickly scanning through all the channels, but I didn’t touch any buttons and the walkie talkie was sitting face-up on the table, so no one touched any buttons.”

One investigative team may have captured 3 EVPs by the creek, one sounded female, one sounded male and the other was high pitch. The 3 EVPs are being analyzed. The investigative team in the house captured a child like voice EVP. On the monitor an orb followed one investigator into another room. Some investigators may have witnessed the sounds of the Tommyknockers. They heard the sound of rock hitting rock and when they went to the rock to investigate, the sounds stopped.

Kyle has more to report and in his own words, he will describe his discoveries by his team, take it away Kyle (this guy is very descriptive, love the way he describes his discoveries): “My team, ‘East Bay Paranormal’, had 2 groups in the house doing audio and still frame photo work. While the team of Ashley, Jamie and Dyani were in the occupants’ son’s room, Ashley felt a strong pressure in her arm for several seconds, as though someone was firmly grabbing her. Ashley, also, captured a voice on our recorder, which sounds like a small child making a sighing sound. This was also captured in the son’s room. We are currently analyzing this audio for possible logical explanations. Later, we discovered that our Tech Manager, Steven, witnessed an anomaly on 1 of our Infrared monitors that we had in the house. This camera was positioned near, again, the son’s room. We recorded Jamie, my Religious Advisor, walk past the son’s doorway and into the hallway. We saw a very bright, green orb follow her past the son’s room. We ran several tests with other members of my team walking down the hall the same way with lights and reflective items and we didn’t get anywhere near the same result. The footage is being analyzed further at this time.”

Not much happened on this go-round. One K-2 hit. Some personal experiences in which some of the psychics felt strong tuggings on their pants or the touching of feet. Some orb photos. One EVP of a muffled female voice. There is a high powered spotlight we have positioned, pointing to the sky. No UFO activity.

Kyle in his own words will explain the personal experiences of his team members: “We took a hike out into the tree line on the southeast side of the property to investigate some odd lights we were seeing. While walking, I had a personal experience. I was touched on the back of my head, and no one in my team was around me at the time. When we tried to get an audio session to see if any spirits were among us, another one of my investigators, Matt, was touched in the same place as I was. We didn’t get anything on audio and never got a definitive answer on being touched. So we continued to check on those odd lights. We walked over half a mile into the trees and no matter how close we got, the lights seemed to be the same distance away. We knew there are roads out there so we assumed it was cars, or even animals in the trees. However, I spoke with the occupant of the home and she explained that there was no road for over a mile in that direction and no other homes for even further. We got very far out of range and decided that these lights weren’t going to come any closer, so we headed back to collect more data.”

Other investigators explained to me that they had personal experiences, Kimberly got her hair pulled, some investigators heard an audible (with their ears) ‘no’, got some K2 hits. Jennifer Newell used her psychic abilities and detected residual haunting activity by the creek, she saw Native American women with their hair up cleaning clothes. She detected energy movement in the home. She detected energy movement at the barnyard. She feels there is a young man and a young girl attached to the occupant Kathy Payne Foulk. The young man spirit sees Kathy as a mother figure, he is shy, withdrawn and does not like the investigators at the home. The little girl entity giggles a lot and her name may be Sarah Marie. She detects that Sarah Marie is from the year 1710. Disclaimer: Psychics are utilized to detect locations of entities and it is up to the investigators to obtain evidence of those entities. Psychics are a tool for paranormal investigations. Jennifer Newell has been validated by other occupants in investigations as being ‘dead on’ with her knowledge of the activity in their homes. She is one of the few psychics that I trust.

With the evidence gathered, the EVPs are our best supporting evidence. I believe there is a haunting at this home and property. The haunting is intelligent via the EVPs (when validated) and it appears the entities are benevolent. This is considered a ‘Casper Haunting’. There also appears to be residual haunting activity where there was once an Indian settlement.


Mary Koch, Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive and Empath
Recently I met Mary Koch who has her own business in Roseville, Ca. She is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitve who can connect to loved ones who have passed, answer questions regarding Love/Relationship, Career/Finance, Dream Interpretation and Empowerment/Spiritual Counseling.

Message from HPI Paranormal Investigating Scout Dana Mierkey:
Hey Paul whats up? Its been awhile since I’ve seen you. I see you’re keeping up your awesome writing. I was recently given permission from the owners of Finleys Bar in Manteca to tell a few people that enjoy the paranormal that they are welcome to set out all the equipment they want on the table while they are dining for lunch or dinner, We get tons of evps and cool pics just eating and chilling. Tab just posted the pic of the cook Stacy and her see thru buddy on fb. Leaving the bar late last night we got a couple evps just in the parking lot, and Lisa heard a whisper in her ear which we got on the audio. The food is good, the place is historic and cool so think you and pals would enjoy it. I hope you are well and enjoying life. 🙂

BELINDA BENTLEY – CELEBRITY PSYCHIC and her daughter join the HPI Paranormal Team! Belinda has been featured on the Cho Show on VH1; Dave Navarro’s Spread TV; Playboy Radio; E! Channel and she does readings for numerous celebrities in Hollywood!

The Martha Chavez Story:
Aug 5, 2010 Thursday. Tonight met the lovely Martha Chavez at Border’s Books in Davis, CA. She had a compelling story to tell me. Her husband of 10 years died suddenly at the age of 27. He was hit by a semi-truck. He was in intensive care for 12 days and finally passed on. Her husband was buried in Mexico. After his death, Martha started feeling strong cold spots around the house. She would notice that her house plants moved as if someone was walking past them. When the home was fully heated, the bedroom would be cold as ice. Sometimes she would feel a gentle brush or caress on the palm of her hand. She also would notice at times there was a indentation on the bedroom mattress as if someone was sitting on the corner of the bed. She eventually moved from this home in Elk Grove that she shared with her husband and got rid of the bed even though it was brand new. The haunting ceased when she moved and got rid of the bed. This is a haunting she will never forget.

A big thank you to Kathy Payne Foulk and Steve Foulk for providing my investigators to cold cuts, crackers, bottled water, coffee, sodas during the Aug 8, 2010 Saturday investigation of their home and property.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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