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The Deanna Jaxine Stinson Story: Vampire Encounters

Here is a little bit more background information on me. I was named Deanna, after my dad’s sister who committed suicide at 16, because she was having seizures and kids at school would make fun of her. She was in pain. The day that she committed suicide, her father’s mother also passed away in another state. That gives me the goose bumps. So, I love my name, it is beautiful and divine. How much love you could have for someone, after they committed suicide (which is a hard subject to talk about) to name your daughter after them. It’s beautiful. Sort of like a reincarnation! Well, I am my own person but we like the same favorite colors, and all it gets eerie. Well, my dad gave me one of the pill boxes that she took pills from to do it. I couldn’t take both. I do feel darkness out of it.

When my dad was younger, also he saw two Angels. Beings, of light come into his bedroom. He said he had prayed to GOD, that he didn’t think he was real, to prove himself, and he did. The angels seemed to be one male, and one female. My dad said he felt disgusting in their holy presence. The light was so bright, he couldn’t look at them…Humans…feel ashamed in the presence of GOD…

I remember one time, when I was probably like 4, I remember my childhood well because of all the traumatizing demonic activity. Well, it was a house that I would wake up to someone pulling covers off of me, (I would pull back) my toys becoming animated and weird stuff, so I woke up levitating off of my bed with white lights all around me, and I was glowing. Then, I fell. I’ve been in houses, where there will be knocking and pounding all night on the door and no one is there. Creepy, scary stuff and I never would talk about it because it would make it worse.

I got into the occult, just because since I was very, very young my “imaginary friend” would tell me that I was special and all the ins and outs of Wicca, and paganism. It was creepy because when I read up on it after the fact, it was all aligned to the truth of it. I stopped that a long time ago, and the activity slowed down. I was being manipulated by a spirit, when I was young.

So, all my life I moved around. My parents divorced when I was eight. My dad married a doctor, so we (my sister Abby , and I) lived with them and moved every couple of months, at the most, like 8 different states until I was 17. I saw a lot of haunted houses and demonic activity! I constantly had visions and premonitions involving the sun-light. I could actually feel it, on my face. so, while I was growing up, I knew it was like the California sun, and I wanted to go back to where I was from! I was born in Auburn, Ca in 1986. So, I came back to California.

So, my music, I have been writing in dream journals and writing songs as long as I could write. At first, my parents would burn my journals and throw them out. It scares people. There is a fine line with people, the supernatural world is a hard thing to talk about, a lot of people are afraid of it and don’t want to believe, or assume it is a psychological problem. I am grateful for every person that has stood up for GOD by confessing that all this paranormal stuff is real!

So, when I was 21, I moved to Citrus Heights, CA from Deer Lodge, MT. I was having a lot of sorrow. I got married the same month that I turned 18, (hopeless romantic), and it didn’t turn out well. He became physically abusive. I had two boys out of the situation, and they live with their family. One was named from a dream I had. It was a tough time for me, and I literally had every co-worker, friend, his family, everyone I knew pulled me away from him, took in my boys, and told me to live my life, where I could get some emotional support, like in CA, where I have family on my mom’s side. So, then I moved down with my sister. I couldn’t deal with it, I thought I never should have left, you know I was a mess! It still brings me sorrow, every day! I was so sad sometimes, my energy would draw in the weirdest thing. Crows would flock to my house, it’s demonic, I am sure. One time, I was so mad I walked out the door and gave a look of hatred at this crow who was cawing towards me and it fell over dead, out of the tree. The neighbors and my friends saw these types of things happening, and they would call me the devil, and it was hurtful. I don’t want to hide or be ashamed. So, I prayed really hard one day, “Please God, fix my sorrow.” That same night, my friend came into see me, with a group of Russian males, he had just met across the street. They were vampires…

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That night that we met was life changing. It was early winter, and the Sacramento sky was a purple color, no stars visible at all. Grey clouds…only a yellow moon that seemed to be sitting right outside of my apartment window. I remember so well because I thought it was eerie. So, about three vampires showed to my house. Eugene was the first one that I noticed, he was the most beautiful. He is Russian, with brown, coppery golden hair, and his body was amazing, like an athletic God. He has brown eyes. His skin is like honey. Then there was Uriel, porcelain skin, very judgmental, fashionable and airy. He has light blonde hair. I asked him, “Was that the name of an Angel?” his reply…”Yes”. Also , when he sat down, on my couch with the others, he kindly suggested that I would look much better if I wore lipstick. Then , there was Andre, the shortest of them he has dark hair, and darker skin. Not really even sure if he was a vampire because he was always running errands for the others in the daytime. Ruben has black hair, dark, dark black eyes always changing like the rest of their eyes would when feeling passion, but he was more than not with the black eyes. Andy, may or may not have been a vampire, I think that he was a blonde vampire mixed with some sort of other serpent like demonic creature. He wore dark black rimmed glasses like what’s hot now. He was the scariest one. I was afraid out of all of them, that he would be most likely to kill me, if that’s what they did. That first conversation we had , felt so comfortable, it felt like I had known them my whole life. They could be very rude and ruthless, but it may have been age. I was 21 at the time. I honestly don’t know why they ever wasted their time with me. They would go back and forth from Russian, speaking with each other. It is such a beautiful language, i think it was their first, and they would start to talking in a melodic structure, such that it sounded like a song, and I could understand every word floating into my ear.

One time, I thought it was weird about all the legends where they say a vampire cannot see his reflection, so Eugene and I stood looking in the mirror together. We didn’t say anything for about ten minutes. I could see his reflection; he even teased me and moved in closer to the mirror, so I could see his features. I stared at myself too, mimicking him in the mirror, and just in case he could grant wishes, I wished that my cedar eyes would become lavender. They never changed. He was so gorgeous, all the time. He dressed modern, dark blue loose fitting jeans, and nice hoodies and coats, and designer shirts. Him and his friends were go-go dancers, and so they were out every night partying. They never brought females back to my place. I was living with my friend Tara, and we didn’t like other woman to come around, because we had both very alpha female dominant tendencies, and we wanted all these beautiful Russian creatures to ourselves. The funny thing is that some people just cannot notice vampires. I noticed immediately. Eugene and I, had a telepathic connection. It was just something about us.

One day, I said to Eugene “come here, I want to show you something,” we sat at this small dark brown coffee table in my apartment, on a white leather couch. He would come over every night and play cards at my table, all night as I slept. I don’t know if he ever noticed that the Queen of Hearts had been missing, because I found it on my floor one day, and I never put it in the pack, and he never thought it was gone. The way that he stared at the cards was like he was in a trance, and he wasn’t really thinking about the cards. He went into these quiet, moods that no one on this Earth could ever have a look like he would get on his face. It was beauty, sorrow, god-like problems and anxieties, and loneliness and concern and age. HE showed me his ID card one time. He was thirty something it said but, he was older, much older. HE said, quietly one day that his family had come over a long time ago, over the Red Sea. He got real silent, like he couldn’t say anything anymore because he was with sorrow. Anyways, at the coffee table we lit a dark green candle and I said,” just promise me we will be bound for eternity. I don’t care if I have to be reincarnated, because I can’t turn into a vampire!” so, he says that’s rare but knowing his age, he has so many tricks to play on me.

One time , he came over drunk and like in a sexy, playful way threw me up against the wall and moved my blonde hair out of the way, and he said “Come close, I want to show you something,” and tried to draw blood from my neck with his fangs. I slapped him because it hurt and I told him, “I will be with God.” and he let go of me and never forgave me for that. He would do cruel things sometimes. Like, one time, he burned me a little bit with a cigarette because he was mad at me. But, then you look in those eyes, and it wasn’t him in there. There was also a demonic presence around that had come with this Gau box I had given to me. The things that scare people so much they fear destroying them and fear keeping them, somehow find their way into my keep. I can tame a spirit. His name is Aleph. I think he was possessing all of their bodies at times.

Yes, the vampires would feed on me. They were real close with each other and would call each other “brothers” even though they were obviously not real literal brothers. I would call them Eugene’s companions. They would feed from everywhere on me, mostly it was if I got drunk, and they would try to make me forget but I would see the marks in the morning and have hazy recollections of the blood. Their fangs were all different sizes, but they each had two. I was a living blood doll.

Andre and I didn’t get along very well. He was always letting me and everyone else boss him around. A people pleaser. One time I asked him if he could make me a CD, and he did. A mixed CD with like music like rock like Adema and Eugene left me a mix once with like 3, 6 mafia and T-Pain and Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and Cascada, “Every time we touch” the rap mix… (God is True, Blessing me!). He especially liked Linkin Park, “What I’ve done” . Wyclef, “Ready or not”. Rick Ross, “Boss.” Andre was constantly going to Las Angeles, on his yellow motorcycle, and Eugene suggested he take me sometime but I offended him so bad on accident so many times saying impulsive things that he could never really like me.

Oh ya, they all believe in God and love God. They are not evil, they are like angels. I am telling you they did many good deeds. They know the bible, and love it. God is special and mysterious and he hides. They hated Kahlil Gibran though , and his book The Prophet.
Eugene used to get real upset at me for leaving my door unlocked at night. He was very protective of me, and brought me over a knife. He swore to me he said I was a goddess, he really believed it, I didn’t want to let him down so, I tried to stay away from the subject. He knew all about me, things that I had never told him before like…about my family history. He knew everything I did all day, even when he was not there I could sense that he was there.

He would tell me his dreams every once in a while. I would just lay in bed, and he would sit right next to it holding onto the bottom of his shoe, telling me story after story, jumping every time a squirrel or a bird landed on the roof. He would leave about an hour before sunrise sometimes he would stay a couple days. Mostly, his dreams were about coming over the Red Sea, the ocean and a boat. Just the emotion that he expressed into that word, “boat” was intense. Something happened, he wanted to tell me but, I didn’t want it. Sometimes, he would let the conversation lull for a moment and we would speak telepathically, and then he would say things were going to be harder, in so many words I sensed that he wanted to stay and protect me… we had the same vision, on the same day. I took a bath with the Tibetan Gau box. It was a dark deep blue, and it suddenly turned black as I diverged into the hot, steamy water. I am 5′ 3 and a half, so I can fit into an American bath pretty well. This is where it hit me, I started to sweat and I was in another world. The water became very cold, and sharp like glass. It turned black and thin. I was swimming in the water. There was only the sea in my vision, and a leviathan was circling beneath me. Above me were three large black portals that were like three doors to the past, present and future. Awesome cosmic spheres, like moons , and quarter moons, out at the same time, high above in the sky, different colored lights so I went into a trance for a while, I know it was awhile because when I came to my senses, the bathwater was ice cold. Eugene had told me that night about his vision, it was the same one. Just dreams…dreams and fantasies sometimes become real. I never spoke aloud, that I had the same dream but he could sense my emotions in an unnatural way.

It was just beyond belief. He left me with faith though. I haven’t seen anyone of them for six years, and I regret leaving. I just took off and left, and I am sorry. I never heard from anyone again. I can still feel his holy presence around me but now it feels sad and I am sorry I wish I could take it all back and be by his side again. I wrote “Honey” about Eugene. I didn’t really know how much I loved him until he was gone, and now he only lives in my dreams. I was real sad before I left, and he kept asking me what was wrong, I just couldn’t bear to tell him I was being called into a different path. I know he would have made me hate him. I write a lot of poems about him too, and songs. Music is magic~ I write about everything in my life that is written in my blood, heart and mind and it turns into a song.


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