April 13, 2016 11:54 am

People who live in the area believe the apparition could be the victim of a road accident back in 1989.

A spooked out motorist believes she’s captured on video the ghost of a dead bride hovering at a crash hotspot where a newlywed died almost three decades ago.

There have been 10 accidents reported on the forest road in just one year.

But the driver who recorded the haunting footage believes that the spectre she saw could have been a victim from 27 years ago.

The clip has been called a “sensation” by paranormal investigators and is going viral online after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.

Driver Karina Dmitrieva, from Moscow, spotted the silhouette of what she thought was a young woman in a wedding gown and a veil on the road.

The sighting occurred on the road, between the towns of Lyubertsy and Lytkarino in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region.

Ms Dmitrieva, who was travelling with another woman, checked her dashcam which appeared to confirm that she really had seen something.

Locals said there was a horrific accident, involving a wedding cortege, in 1989.

The newlyweds were on their way to a park to celebrate with friends when their car smashed into a lorry on a bend.

The ghost bride was spotted hovering at the notorious accident blackspot

The groom survived but the bride was killed.

Paranormal investigator Ilya Sagliani, of the ‘Laboratory of the Unknown’, said there had since been a number of sightings of a ghostly bride at the scene.

He said: “Two years ago, we got a picture of a barely visible silhouette of a young woman standing on the side of the road. This video is a real sensation. I’ve been studying this infamous road for a good eight years.”

Ilya Sagliani (R) says there have been a number of sightings of the ghostly figure

Mr Sagliani said he had invited well-known Russian psychic Dmitry Volkhov, a runner-up on the Battle of the Psychics reality TV show, to the road.

Mr Volkhov told him that being on the road gave him a terrible feeling, as if he was lying in a grave surrounded by restless souls.

Drivers have previously reported mysterious events on the road, such as sudden fog, after losing control and crashing at the accident blackspot.

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