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The Virgin Islands National Park is a United States National Park. It covers 60% of the island of Saint John and nearly all of Hassel Island off the Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas harbor. The National Park is absolutely gorgeous with its numerous hiking trails through the tropical rainforest. Many tourists go to this National Park for snorkeling and scuba diving. Ferries from Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie make regular stops at Cruz Bay near the park. The park averages about 500,000 visitors per year.

According to Wikipedia:
The Attractions for The Virgin Islands National Park:
One of the Virgin Islands National Park’s most famous attractions is Trunk Bay, which sports a white sand beach and an underwater snorkeling trail, although the trail’s chronic overuse has led to extensive coral damage along its path.


Special Note: Along Trunk Bay, a ghostly spirit of a scuba diver has been seen. His scuba diving suit is all black. There has been 6 eye witnesses that have seen a scuba diver stick his head out of the water and then simply vanish. One person claims that the ghostly scuba diver was seen waving his arm back and forth and then disappear. Possibly this is the ghost of a scuba diver that died at Trunk Bay. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE SCUBA DIVING SPIRIT

The park includes the sugar-plantation-ruins-littered Cinnamon Bay Nature Trail and the Bordeaux Mountain Trail that leads to the highest point on the island at 1,277 feet (389 m) above sea level, and whose view is best described as “what you must see from heaven”. The most popular hike, however, is the Reef Bay Trail. This route paves the way to witnessing the beauty of the surrounding forestlands, remnants of sugar mills and the historical Taino petroglyph rock carvings, a spring-fed waterfall and reflection pool, and a chance for rest and relaxation or snorkeling excitement at Genti Bay.


Special Note: In the areas where there were sugar plantations – ghostly figures of African slaves are seen working the sugar cane crops. Sightings of these apparitions usually happen during the time of dusk, they are seen as shadowy figures, sometimes holding large sacks. If you watch them long enough, the figures in the field become visually clearer. Miguel Langley from Missouri while vacationing saw a man (probably an overseer) riding his horse through the fields. Miguel says as he watched the figure on the horse seemed to be carrying a horse whip. Some witnesses say if you approach the ghostly figures, they will simply vanish. Most of the sightings are at Annaberg’s Plantation. This plantation was active in 1780 and is in St. John. Some of the ghostly slaves are seen cutting down brush with machetes.

UFOs are seen near and around this National Park. There have been many reported sightings of UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). USVI is very near the Bermuda Triangle. Here are one of the many youtube videos you can find on the UFO activity at USVI and The Virgin Islands National Park. Near the park, 2 eye witnesses saw a cigar shaped UFO hovering. As the witnesses watched, 6 small disc shaped UFOs came flying out of the cigar shaped UFO. A flock of birds were flying towards the cigar shaped UFO and one of the disc shaped UFOs flew next to the flock of migrating birds. The air around the birds became wavy and the flock of migrating birds just vanished, as if the disc shaped UFO took them.

Special Note: My former brother-in-law Captain Crazy Jeff Voshell used to charter his boat the Orion and take tourists from Saint Thomas to Saint John. I went to my sister’s wedding to Jeff at Saint Thomas. Jeff was the boat mechanic for Morgan Freeman when Morgan was there visiting the USVI.

At Reef Bay witness Bernard Santos from Virginia was on a boat enjoying the calmness of the bay when all of a sudden he spied what appeared to be a female mermaid sunning along a secluded beach. As he approached with his boat, the mermaid was startled to see Bernard approaching. The mermaid let out a loud deafening screech and went back into the water. Bernard held his ears in agony. The screech was painful to hear. The pain the screech caused lasted for about 5 minutes.

As you can see there is a lot of high strangeness at Virgin Islands National Park. If you have a chance to visit this park and have a paranormal experience, I would like to hear about it.


6/11/2016 6pm – Address to be at: 30C7 B Street, Apt. B, Marysville, CA – Activity: entity moves dresser; open and closing of bedroom doors; little girl entity has blonde curly hair; man seen in kitchen and he wears coveralls, blue jeans and has short blonde hair. He is no threat. No blessing required. Special Note: The occupant discovered she moved into a haunted apartment. This is the same apartment where I saw my first full body apparition. Occupant discovered my article and contacted me, because they are now having experiences. Occupant Saun2dra Wen2ner Case Number: 916D62C67351

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