July 19, 2016 9:14 am

Written By Bill R. of: myhauntedlifetoo.com

What do these Black Eyed kids want?

My girlfriend found several of your other stories about the Black Eyed Kids. She had an experience with these “kids” several months ago. I was away on business and she was home alone with our dog Alex. She said she was reading while the TV was on and our dog was peacefully sleeping on her lap.

All at once, he suddenly sat up and stared intently at the door leading outside. He then began growling loudly and ran into the bedroom. He had never acted like that before so she assumed it was just another weird thing that dogs do. He barks for no reason quite a lot.

Just as she got comfortable again, the doorbell rang. She thought it was strange that someone would want to visit at that time of night, since most of our friends were most probably home and getting ready for bed themselves.

She got up and peeked through the hole, but saw nothing. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned away from the door when someone knocked very loudly. She said that the knock was several times louder than a normal knock. It actually made the door vibrate.

She turned, opened the door and saw a boy of around twelve standing there. She opened the door and asked what he wanted. There are other apartments around us and she assumed that this child had either gotten locked out or was asking for help. She hadn’t seen this boy around before.

Apparently that’s when she noticed his eyes. She said the light spilled out into the hall but that his eyes were completely black. She said she was frozen to the spot as the child asked to be let in. That was when the dog had come out of the bedroom and lay out on the floor barking crazily.

The boy wanted to use the phone. Adena said she was almost certainly going to say “yes,” but as she stared into those black, dead eyes she suddenly slammed the door and quickly bolted it. She said she listened for the child’s footsteps to walk away but heard nothing. After a few heart-stopping moments, she risked a look outside and the child had disappeared. She said she had never been so frightened in her life. There is nothing good about these kids, or their visitations. I hope my story helps educate more people about their existence.

by Bill R.


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