July 25, 2016 12:17 pm

A paranormal investigator who shot to fame for his work in the field of ghosts has been found dead in what his family are calling mysterious circumstances.

Police are investigating the passing of Gaurav Tiwari after he was discovered unconscious in his family bathroom last Thursday.

The 32-year-old, who has spent time in more than 6,000 ‘haunted’ locations, was at the home in Dwaraka, Delhi which he shared with his wife and parents when they report hearing a “loud thud” from inside the room.

Although the certified paranormal and UFO investigator and hypnotist was rushed to hospital, doctors were unable to save him.

Authorities state that the suspected cause of death was asphyxia, and a preliminary postmortem reportedly stated that a dark line was found round his throat.

Mr Gaurav’s father Uday told the Times of India that they “don’t believe in ghosts” but that they are puzzled by the death: “Gaurav told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so.

“My daughter-in-law ignored it thinking he was just depressed due to work overload and did not tell us about it.”

The family added that he was happy and had no reason to end his own life.

With thousands of followers online, the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society , Mr Tiwari was committed to investigating the spirit world in 2009 after he had his own paranormal experience when he was training to become a commercial pilot.

The certified paranormal and UFO investigator , who was also an ordained minister, has appeared on TV programme Haunted Weekends and was committed to exploring the unknown.

Fans have been leaving messages of remembrance on the star’s Facebook page since his death was announced.

“Will miss you, sir,” wrote one, with “RIP” added by many others.


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