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This photo, taken by an unnamed news photographer, was meant to capture the pollution obscuring the Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, China. As the photographer played with his settings, snapping random shots, he didn’t even realize he had captured a twenty year old man, later identified by police as Liu from the identification left in his jacket on the bridge railing, jumping from the bridge. After someone called out, the photographer was able to capture the woman, still unidentified, as she fell into the waters below.


14 year old Keith Sapsford thought he had figured out a cheap way to get from Australia to Japan – he would hide in the wheel-well of a DC-8. It didn’t work out, as this pic taken by amatuer photographer John Gilpin shows. The 200 foot fall was likely a best case scenario for Sapsford – he more than likely would have froze to death during the flight.


For three years, Dean Corll, named the Candy Man by the press, kidnaped, raped, and murdered at least 28 boys in Houston, Texas. The only thing that stopped Corll from killing more children was Elmer Wayne Henley, an accomplice in the murders who shot and killed Corll during an argument.

When Josh Vargas, a documentary filmmaker, was interviewing Henley’s mother about the murders, she directed him to Henley’s belongings, which had been left untouched for decades. In those belongings, Vargas found the picture above. The boy in the photo didn’t match any of the known victims. This photo lead to Henley, who is serving a life sentence for the murders, to admit that there were more than the 28 known victims.


Robert Ben Rhoades was a truck driver who turned the sleeper cab of his truck into a torture chamber. For fifteen years, Rhoades drove across the United States, picking up hitchhikers that he would beat, rape, and murder. Sometimes, Rhoades would pick up couples and kill the man quickly, while taking his time with the woman. That was the case with fourteen year old Regina Kay Walters.

Regina and her boyfriend, Ricky Lee Jones, were runaways who Rhoades picked up. Rhoades killed Jones fast, but spent weeks, possibly months with Regina. When the police searched Rhoades home, they found multiple photos of Regina, including the one above, which was taken moments before scumbag Rhoades took her life.


On April 31, 1947, Evelyn McHale said goodbye to her fiance, college student Barry Rhodes in Easton, Pennsylvania, and got on a train taking her back to New York City. Once she arrived in Manhattan, Evelyn went to the Empire State Building. She took the elevator to the 86th floor observatory. From there, Evelyn McHale jumped to her death.

In her pocketbook, sitting next to her coat still on the observation deck, was a suicide note of just seven sentences:

“I don’t want anyone in or out of my family to see any part of me. Could you destroy my body by cremation? I beg of you and my family – don’t have any service for me or remembrance for me. My fiance asked me to marry him in June. I don’t think I would make a good wife for anybody. He is much better off without me. Tell my father, I have too many of my mother’s tendencies.”


Russel Sorgi was on assignment for the Buffalo Courier Express when a police car, siren blasting, sped by. Sorgi followed the sirens to the Genesee Hotel, where a woman was sitting on a ledge outside an eighth-floor window. As Sorgi explained himself:

“I snatched my camera from the car and took two quick shots as she seemed to hesitate… As quickly as possible I shoved the exposed film into the case and reached for a fresh holder. I no sooner had pulled the slide out and got set for another shot than she waved to the crowd below and pushed herself into space. Screams and shouts burst from the horrified onlookers as her body plummeted toward the street. I took a firm grip on myself, waited until the woman passed the second or third story, and then shot.”

The New York Times would later report that the woman was Mary Miller and, while Sorgi’s photo has become known as “The Despondent Divorcee,” Mary wasn’t married. Mary lived with her sister, who did not have any answer as to why her sister would take her own life.


When Travis Alexander missed a conference, his friends went to his home to check on him, What they found was a violent, horrific scene. Travis was dead, having suffered at least 27 stab wounds, a slit throat, and a gunshot to the head.

Travis’ friends pointed the police to Jodi Arias, an ex-girlfriend who had taken to stalking Travis. When police searched Jodi’s home, they found a digital camera in the washing machine that had the last photos of Travis Alexander. The photos started off with Travis and Jodi in sexual positions, then moved to the photo above of Travis in the shower, and finally photos of Travis lying on the bathroom floor, bleeding out.

Arias claimed that she killed Travis in self-defense, but the amount of wounds Travis suffered suggested otherwise.


Ki Suk Han waited for the Q train with everyone else when, according to witnesses, Naeem Davis began yelling out, ranting at no one in particular. Han, a husband and father, went up to Davis, attempting to calm him down. Instead, Davis shoved Han off the subway platform and into the tracks.

Han stumbled up as the Q train came out of the tunnel. The other straphangers screamed and waved their arms, trying to catch the eye of the train’s conductor. New York Post photographer R. Umar Abbasi ran towards the train with others, using the flash on his camera to try and get the conductor to stop the train.

It was too late. The conductor hit the brakes but couldn’t stop the train in time. Han was caught between it and the platform. Dr. Laura Kaplan, who was also waiting for the train, ran to Han. She found no pulse but still attempted CPR. It was too late – Han was dead.


Bobby Kennedy was going to be president. At least, that’s what a lot of people thought. He was behind Hubert Humphrey in Democratic primary delegates, but had just won California and South Dakota with plenty of states left to go.

Bobby gave a speech in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and was headed into the kitchen, surrounded by well wishers, photographers, and reporters. As Bobby made his way through the kitchen, he stopped to shake hands with the staff. As he shook the hand of busboy Juan Romero, Sirhan Sirhan stepped down from a low tray-stacker and opened fire with a .22 caliber Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver.

Sirhan hit Bobby three times. The fatal shot was fired less than an inch from Bobby’s head, hitting him behind his right ear.

Bobby Kennedy succumbed to his wounds a day later.


I can’t imagine there’s anyone who doesn’t know the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl whose diary about her days of hiding from Nazis with her family only for her family to be betrayed by those they trusted. Anne and her sister died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March of 1945, just weeks before Allied forces arrived.

Anne’s diary was first published in the Netherlands in 1947, and by 1952 it had spread across the world, giving a face to one of the greatest atrocities in human history.

These are all real bummers, huh? Well, I’m not going to break the mold and put in a picture that isn’t a final one, but I do want to end with a bonus last photo that, for me, is filled with joy – the last photo of David Bowie.

Bowie is without equal. The man brought joy to millions, and seemed to live a life filled with hope and happiness. His final days, from what we have been told, were filled with loved ones and looking back on a life well lived. We should all be so lucky…

There is a story about David Bowie shared by Michael Dignum on his Facebook page that I would like to share with you here:

One part of my job is to keep the talent close while we make small changes to lighting and camera positions. While shooting the video for David Bowie’s ‘Miracle Goodnight’, we had a change that was gonna take 10-15 mins to complete. I decided to strike up a conversation to kill the time. Lets face it, I was talking to my childhood hero. I asked Mr Bowie what was the biggest moment in his career. His reply was EPIC. and It went like this:

David….. Well let me tell you about it. I had quit the attitude as a young pop star, its easy to get caught up in the hype. It changes you. So I was on the set of the music video ‘Ashes to Ashes’, do you know the one.

Me………Yes I do. (thinking boy if only he knew)

Bowie… So we’re on the beach shooting this scene with a giant bulldozer. The camera was on a very long lens. (Camera is a long way away, but the artist fills the frame) In this video i’m dressed from head to toe in a clown suit. Why not. I hear playback and the music starts. So off I go, I start singing and walking, but as soon as I do this old geezer with an old dog walk right between me and the camera.

Me………Laugh (seeing this video in my head and what that must of been like on the set)

Bowie….Well knowing this is gonna take a while I walked past the old guy and sat next to camera in my full costume waiting for him to pass. As he is walking by camera the director said, “Excuse me Mr, do you know who this is?” The old guy looks at me from bottom to top and looks back to the director and said….

Old Man……. Of course I do!!!! its some cunt in a clown suit

Bowie………. That was a huge moment for me, It put me back in my place and made me realize, yes I’m just a cunt in a clown suit. I think about that old guy all the time.

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