October 11, 2016 10:03 am

There were two twin sisters that got along very well, as if they have born being friends: never fought, rarely argued, they shared everything they could, they had the same hobbies and dislikes and even dressed the same.

Their whole life was spent in a quiet neighbourhood, a residential area situated away from the hustle and bustle of many parts of the city. Their mother told them that they should move to a different area of the city, a part where she would work and where there was a lot more activity and therefore one should be more careful.

The day arrived when their mother was still stuck at work and unlike many other days, the girls had to cross a quite busy street alone. As they had passed through that street hundreds of times with their mum, the mother told them that they could cross the road alone but to always look to the left and to the right for any cars.

The girls followed their mother’s advice; and their father went to meet them on their way back; but, as soon as he walked a couple of metres, he heard a terrible noise, something similar to the noise a coconut makes when it breaks.

They were his daughters, lying on the pavement with their heads crushed and the brains splattered. In the distance a truck was running at full speed, the driver probably distracted by the phone or maybe after having taken a couple of drinks, the reckless driver felt the bodies crushed under the wheels of the truck and sped on.

Unfortunately the people on the scene were so shocked that no one had time to write down the license plate. The Mother arrived on the scene and was crying inconsolably in the middle of the traffic, she cried and shook their bodies waiting for them to rise again. How can she overcome the loss of her little angels of only eight years?

They say that time is the best remedy to heal and so it was… she was young, she was just about 28 years and a couple of years later, she got pregnant again. Chance of fate, she had twins again: the problem is that she couldn’t forget about her deceased daughters, mainly because of some form or another her new twins were very similar and were now just the age at which her previous twins died.

They had so many things in common that sometimes she even called them the wrong names and burst into tears when she remembered them…
But this time she forbid them to cross the street alone.

One day, however she saw that while they were playing in the park near their house they were way too close to the street and, terrified, she screamed at them to stop, to which they replied in unison:

“We won’t cross, we were hit one time there and it won’t happen again…”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella