January 31, 2017 7:46 am

Today’s paranormal news features a frightening brush with what appears to be a demonic presence in a church cemetery in the United Kingdom. The paranormal team from Dorset Ghost Investigators were researching at the cemetery they state is one of the most haunted in the U. K., when they captured replies to their questions that would make the average person’s skin crawl in their video “OMG It’s Here With Us.” Actually, the paranormal footage would make anyone’s skin crawl.

The team, Glen and Ahmed, were definitely on a paranormal hot spot for this video. Throughout the shoot, the two were surrounded by noises, including a dreadful sound of heavy steps, and with other paranormal phenomena. The two received multiple frights right from the beginning, and as the news progresses, the reason why becomes clear.

n the opening sequence, Glen begins with an electromagnetic frequency meter. The idea being that as a ghost draws near, the paranormal investigator will be able to see the lights on it become more active and it is commonly seen in the paranormal news. As the lights on his meter become more active, one of the two thanks what appears to be a paranormal entity for coming closer. Perhaps the thank you was taken to heart, because after that, things progressively either improve, for the braver viewers, or the news degenerates into a frightening tale of horror, depending on the lens through which one views the paranormal footage.

At one point during the video, Glen jumps because he sees a paranormal entity over Ahmed’s right shoulder. Ahmed naturally reacts and the scare that both of them experience is quite comical. It’s comical only for a moment because at that point, the team reveals the news that while they were downstairs, someone, or something paranormal turned off the infrared settings on their camera at the top of the stairs.

Throughout the episode, both investigators see and hear things that don’t add up. At one point, they silence themselves while speculating about the sounds of heavy footsteps. In that moment the heavy footsteps continue, and it certainly doesn’t sound like a storm shutter, or other mundane possible explanations. It sounds like someone, or a paranormal entity, is walking downstairs to join them.

At another point, the two are speaking to the paranormal entity that they saw, and while Ahmed is speaking, Glen points out that the EMF is blinking. Ahmed adds that the creepy part is that it seems as if the two are being watched, if not outright followed by whatever is there. And really, that is a feeling that even the viewer gets as the two are working.

While there is no firm set of rules for paranormal investigators, one good guideline might be that when a paranormal entity calls a person by name, that person should pay attention. So when the entity says “Glen,” the team looks surprised. What follows afterward is beyond spooky, and definitely worthy of the news.

The video, which is included on this page, ceases to catalog a routine paranormal investigation and crosses over into something much darker. It’s important to bear in mind that at this point in the video, the team has faced a barrage of sensory stimulation from sight, sound, feeling, and even that innate paranormal sense that indicates someone or something is watching. But as mentioned in the title of this article, one segment of the video features statements that are not benign.

In order to save the spoilers, it is sufficient to say that the conversation between investigators and the paranormal entity sounds like a chat at the gates of hell. It is no coincidence, or so it appears, that things went off the rails conversationally when Ahmed brought up the subjects of heaven and hell, and inquired as to with whom the two were speaking. Paranormal news is filled with similar anecdotes. Mentioning the word “god” was also a catalyst. Whatever they found in that cemetery doesn’t seem like a cordial and welcoming paranormal entity.

“We burn you.” Indeed, that paranormal entity might be able to back up that threat. One can only hope that the team stays clear of that paranormal entity in the future. It’s bad news.


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