February 18, 2017 9:11 am

Did the dishwasher chip one of your plates again? If you believe feng shui practices, it’s an invitation for bad luck to come into your life.

And that’s not all. Here’s a round up some of the unluckiest things you might have in your home, according to a range of different beliefs and superstitions from around the globe.


It’s one of the most popular plants in interiors at the moment, but according to feng shui practices plants with thorns (roses being the exception) bring negative energy and a string of bad luck into a home.


Got some dried flowers displayed in your home? Or maybe you’re just a bit slow replacing that floral arrangement you did in the weekend. In Vastu Shastra, the Hindu science of architecture, it’s considered bad luck to allow the leaves of plants to go brown and die inside.


Before you paint Pantone’s colour of the year (Greenery) on your living room wall, it’s considered unlucky in Britain or the United states to paint interiors green. This is thanks to a scientist who used arsenic to make green wallpaper, which produced a poisonous gas when wet.


The Irish believe an empty rocking chair invites unwelcome spirits to come and sit in it. If it rocks on its own, too late, they’ve already settled.


But not if it faces north. According to Chinese feng shui, a black door that faces south, east or west invites bad luck into the home.


It’s time to take that 2016 calendar off the wall. Folklore says that displaying the wrong year, month or day is a reminder of passing time, and will negatively affect your life, or cut it short.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella