March 22, 2017 3:35 pm

The heart line is one of the most significant lines in palm reading.

It reveals past romances and other secrets from your heart.

The lower your heart line originates on your palm, the more romantic pain you’ve suffered.

This can lead to a yearning for unconditional love.

The higher your heart line originates, the less likely you need romance to be satisfied.

At a certain point, the heart line reveals that a person does not feel the need for love at all.

Where your heart line ends can indicate how you interact in romantic relationships.

If your heart line terminates between your middle and index fingers, you are hesitant to jump into relationships. You are cautious, but honest.

If your heart line ends on your index finger, you are more likely to fall in love quickly.
You fall head over heels in love and don’t look back.

If your heart line runs into your middle finger, it can indicate that you’ll have marital difficulties.

There’s nothing written in stone, but you may have to try harder to communicate and stay in love.

If your heart line ends in the middle of your palm, you will be a reliable mate.

You may not be the most exotic or exciting partner, but you’ll always be there.

As with all palm reading, the palm doesn’t dictate your future.

Only you can determine what your outcome is.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella