April 11, 2017 10:54 am

Decorus Macabre a couple run business take ex-medial real human bones, clean them up and give them a new lease of life artistically placing them into thought provoking poses. Bones that would have otherwise been thrown into an incinerator when they are too stained for students to use in the medical industry.

Mattaeus and Starla said ” These bones were once a life, a soul. They had families and loved ones, it is heartbreaking to think these bones belonged to people who were often tricked into giving their bodies to science, and are then without a name forgotten and turned to dust without a single thought. These bones belonged to people whose families are still living, and where we can’t give them back to those families, having no name to connect them to, we can rescue them and make them into pieces that will then be looked after and cherished for time to come”.

Every articulation takes time and patience ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Mattaeus and Starla are currently working on their first full skeleton human piece, and recently brought out the Forever Collection consisting of a skeletal hand holding their #taxidermyose. Starla said “This specific piece is one of my favourite pieces to date, using a specialised taxidermy process, a real rose is taken directly from nature, goes through a delicate process to then allow it to stay as it is for years to come, the combining of the human skeleton and the rose wonderfully entwines the romantic notion that, Love is forever”.

Decorus Macabre ethically source their bones and other pieces in their shop. Starla said “There are many popular items other oddities shops will sell, like bat skeletons and taxidermy, but we make sure that our pieces have been sourced appropriately and ethically, not further endangering any species or placing any animals in unnecessary pain, It’s not the way we choose to run our business”.

“It is completely legal to do what we do with these bones and for people to own them, in most Countries and US States. We always make sure we stay within the parameters of the HTA (Human Tissue Act) and are respectable with the articulations we choose to create”.

The red taxidermy rose


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