April 20, 2017 12:20 pm

The idea of a haunted house has been a staple of horror fiction for generations. It’s enough to make you wonder if all those stories have an element of truth.

For the Dandy family, who moved into the now-famous “Hinsdale House” in Hinsdale, New York in the early 1970’s, the paranormal activity that they experienced was all too real. Their incredible, terrifying story has turned an old farmhouse into what is now considered New York’s most haunted building.

The Dandy family moved into this house in Hinsdale, New York in the early 1970’s, apparently unaware of the terrors that lurked inside. Nobody knows why, when, or how the house got to be so haunted in the first place, but there’s no question that the “Hinsdale House” is haunted now.

The horror began just a few days after the family initially moved in. When the Dandys heard chanting in the woods nearby, and even received disturbing phone calls.

Soon, the Dandys even started seeing complete apparitions of women dressed in white inside of their own home. Worse yet, they saw demonic figures roaming their hallways.

It didn’t take long for the terror to turn violent, as one of the Dandys’ daughters had a lamp thrown at her by something from the other side of the room.

he haunting got so bad that the family contacted a priest, desperately hoping that an exorcism could rid the house of the malicious spirits. Everything seemed to be fine for a few days after the exorcism, but it was not a lasting peace, and the paranormal activity returned stronger than ever. Evidently, the spirits were furious that the family had tried to drive the evil out.

Shortly after that point, the family finally decided that enough was enough, and moved out. Hoping to keep the Hinsdale House preserved for research purposes, a local paranormal investigator in 2000 and gradually started to restore it.

Now, the Hinsdale House is no longer a family home, but a popular place for ghost hunters and other paranormal investigators from around the world to experience the horror first hand.

To this day, paranormal investigators report strange experiences in the Hinsdale House, and claim to have nightmares lingering months after their stay. While some will surely remain skeptical, the evidence is piling up that there is something very, very wrong with this house!

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