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The paranormal has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. There have been films based on it like “Paranormal Activity” and the subsequent sequels, television shows like “Stranger Things,” and all of it has motivated people to actively hunt for real-life paranormal incidents throughout the world.

If you’re a fan of the supernatural, you definitely won’t want to miss this unnatural phenomenon that exists in Michigan!

We’ll set the stage by sketching out an average night spent hiking in Michigan. You walk through a valley, and you’re surrounded by complete darkness. There isn’t any sound to be heard except the rustling of the branches around you.

All of a sudden, you see a dim light that appears to be peeking out at you from across the valley. One second you see it, the next second it’s gone, and it keeps repeating. You’ve now had your first run-in with the spooky Paulding Light.

First reported in 1966 to the police by a group of terrified teenagers, the Paulding Light has been scaring people for decades now. Reports of seeing the light have continued on a regular basis and it’s said that the light appears almost every night

The Paulding Light is located in the Upper Peninsula, just outside of the town of Paulding. Local citizens have nervously tried to explain the origins of the light by blaming it on unusual geologic movements or swamp gas, but it’s not fooling anyone. Anyone who has seen the light knows that it looks purely paranormal in nature.

Those who support the supernatural origins of the Paulding Light believe that it all stems from the story of a man that died in the area years before. The legends have it that a brakeman was once killed in the valley when it was home to railroad tracks and two rail cars collided. Paranormal activists claim that the Paulding Light is coming from that same brakeman’s lantern as his ghost roams the valley he died in.
Others claim that the light comes from a Native American’s ghost that dances along the power lines in the valley every night.

If you’re looking for a non-paranormal explanation, you’d be more keen to hear the explanation from the Michigan Technological University which believes that the light is coming from car’s headlights being inverted. They think that these car lights are simply leaking out in the valley where the Paulding Light is commonly seen.

Whether you lean towards the paranormal or science will likely determine what you believe is the source of the Paulding Light, but either way, it’s undeniable that it’s a spooky Michigan attraction. We suggest taking a walk through the valley and seeing the light for yourself.

Have you ever seen the Paulding Light? Do you think it’s supernatural in origin? Let us know in the comments!


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