May 2, 2017 9:44 am

So you want to be a Ghost Hunter.. Do you have what it takes? Well, if you have thought about hunting for things that go “bump” in the night, here are a few things to consider before joining a team and a few questions to ask yourself..

#1. Do you scare easily? This may sound like a dumb question, but you want to, after all, hunt for ghosts! And when you are hunting, how do you think you would react if something very unexpected, or out of the ordinary were to suddenly happen to you? I.e. A very loud, unexpected noise or voice, or a shadow or someone who wasn’t there a second ago is standing right in front of you, or even something touching, or pulling on you? One, or all of these happening to you while you’re in a creepy room, in the dark, yes that’s right, the dark, possibly alone? To expect the unexpected, ironically, is what to expect when you are hunting for ghosts. And to keep your mind focused and to “shut down” the part of your brain that tells you to run! You are there to find answers, to make discoveries, and to explore the unknown..

#2. Are you a religious person? You have to remember, to hunt for ghosts, you have to have an open mind. If your beliefs are too strong in a religion, you may have a hard time believing what you may experience.

#3. Do you have an overactive imagination? Remember, your mind is a very good trickster! If you are hunting for ghosts in a creepy room, in the dark, alone- and you stare in the dark long enough, you brain will eventually manifest something for your eyes to see. In other words, you have to be very objective to what you may, or may not see. Don’t let your imagination fool you!

#4. Are you a “healthy” person? Do you have a bad heart, or suffer from panic attacks, just in case something unexpectedly jumps out to scare you? And yes, if you are lucky, there will come a time or two, that will make your heart race. Or do you have a hard time climbing up stairs or ladders, or getting around obstacles? Do you have problems doing a lot of walking especially in big buildings? Remember, ghost hunting requires a lot of walking and standing.

#5. Do you like to go fishing? “Fishing? What the heck does hunting for ghost have to do with fishing?” A lot actually. We use many different pieces of equipment to “bait” our hooks to hunt for ghost. And you must have,  PATIENCE! I cannot emphasize this more. All the ghost hunting shows on TV don’t show you the hours, upon hours they spend hunting without a single thing happening. They have to condense 5-7 hours of hunting time into one hour. And in that one hour you watch, they may have but just a second or two of “possible” evidence! So when you are hunting for ghost, you are fishing for a big fish in an even bigger ocean, and you have no idea where they are or what they will bite on. You will probably spend 98% of your ghost hunting time walking around in the dark like a fool talking to yourself, and 2% actually finding something worthwhile! And out of the 2%- only 1% may be good “possible” evidence! So if you don’t have patience , hunting for ghosts may not be for you. Try fishing instead, the odds of catching a fish are better!

#6. Payday! If you’re looking for awesome pay.. Most ghost hunters do it for FREE! Unless you have a TV show. How can you charge people a fee to hunt something you can’t see? That may or may not exists? And where do you think all the equipment comes from? Yes, that’s right, not much in the way of a paycheck, and if you want to hunt for ghosts, you need some equipment, such as, K2-meters, EMF detectors, temp gages, motion sensors, flashlights, digital and thermal cameras, video recorders, radios, computers, programs, etc. And how much does all this cost? Well, $2000.00 will at least get you started with the basics.. And remember, you may also need extra equipment for your team members, so don’t forget to add that extra cost in..

So, with that typed, would you still like to hunt for ghosts?

Article Author, Cory C. Kovacs (Pictured above).

Co-owner, Lead Investigator for T.M.P.S. (The Michiana Paranormal Society).

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