July 27, 2017 8:26 am

“Lost Hope” is a creepy new short horror film from one of the makers of the “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart” fan film and DJ Mistress Macabre a.k.a Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc who is a best selling, award winning author of Horror Sinisteria.

The short film was filmed on the Nexus Android Phone using the VHS-Cam app to mimic the look and feel of an old snuff film. Director Hamish Downie says this was “to give the viewer a feeling that they’d stumbled upon an old VHS tape in the back of an abandoned police storage holder”.

Hamish and Andrea had been wanting to work together for a long time, so when she released her first music collection, “Neon Abyss” (available from Chaos Angel Music from all good online retailers), she gave Hamish complete freedom to choose any track. Hamish chose the haunting track, ‘Lost Hope’ because “it reminded me of David Lynch – specifically ‘Twin Peaks’. So, I instantly got the idea of the last moment’s of a innocent’s life recorded on film – a kind of homage to the 1960s cult film “Peeping Tom”, where a filmmaker kills his victims with a knife attached to a shooting camera. A minefield for any wannabe Freuds. Plus, I also wanted to homage the Andy Warhol video portraits. Hence why the film is mostly done with long POV shots.”

On the casting of Elan Rie, Hamish says, “I chose Elan because she reminded me of an innocent version of Andrea – the same way Sia uses the dancer Maddy as an avatar in her videos. I had to do this as logistically, this is a zero-budget project, I couldn’t bring Andrea out from the US to Japan.” Elan Rie has a background in Theatre and Musicals, so this represents a big departure for her. Says Elan, “While acting on stage, as opposed to in front of a camera, is what I’m more used to, it was really fun to get back to my roots of characters who get offed. I’m glad I could be a part of it!”

Director Hamish also makes his acting debut in the short as the killer. Hamish says, “I don’t know what it says about me that I could play an awkward creepy killer as well as I did. I chose myself because the price was right, not because of some vain Woody Allen-esque desire to cast myself in films so I could make love to women who were ridiculously out of my league (especially since I’m a queer director!).”

In the end, Hamish hopes that “the film gives people a creepy thrill, and some views mistake it for a real snuff film. One of Andrea’s short stories was adapted into a short film, and the police ended up almost arresting the filmmakers! So, it would be cool if that happened again. That said, Elan is alive and well, and a great actress.” Andrea says, “I am beyond proud that my music, “Lost Hope,” was the inspiration for this brilliant piece of Avant film!!”

You can order “Neon Abyss” from the website: chaosangelmusic.ecrater.com as well as iTunes and Spotify.

Hamish Downie is a multi-award winning Japan-based filmmaker from Australia. Notable work includes, WW2 short “An American Piano” (available on Amazon Prime), experimental short “Silence”, the fan film “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart”, and the music video “Never Let You Down” for world music diva Robyn Loau.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella