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In Iowa you don’t hear about too many cryptids. Really, it’s mostly Bigfoot sightings. Although there are a lot of ghost legends, and the occasional Japanese flying dragon is spotted. But, there is one cryptid in Iowa that you don’t hear too much about. His name is “Big Blue”and he is a gigantic snapping Turtle.

He supposedly resides in The Big Blue Pond in Lester Milligan Park in Mason City, IA. The pond, some 34 feet deep, is known to attract many local and National Scuba divers to its cold watery depths. “Big Blue” is said by some who have seen it, to be as big as the hood of a Volkswagen car. Jim Walh, a fisheries management biologist, said “The rumors I hear come from Third and Fourth hand scuba diving sightings”. “Just like sightings of 200lb. catfish in the Mississippi River it can’t be proven one way or the other right now.” “As to whether it’s legitimate or not? “, Jim says. “I don’t know”.

A young man, known only as Josh .H from Cedar Falls, Iowa, has an interesting story to tell about his brush with “Big Blue”. He claims his “Friends Brother” and some friends were messing around by Blue Lake and one of his cohorts was playfully pushed into the dark water of the deep pond. He was quickly pulled back to the shore soaking wet but none the worse for wear.

As soon as he was pulled out of the water, a huge reptilian head surfaced with its horrifying beaked snout wide open trying to eat the boy. Luckily for him he was pulled up and out of the water in the nick of time. When asked about the incident the boys have always maintained that they are telling the truth and have supposedly not changed their minds about what happened that day. From time to time we still hear about one person or another feeling a strong tug on their fishing line or something strange breaks the surface of the Big Blue Lake. Sadly, these accounts are 2-3 hand. Who knows though, in this world where everybody has a camera on their phone, we might finally get a photo or two of this locally famous cryptid?

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