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It was on May 27, 2017, when my partner and I stayed the night in room 217 at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Despite a long history of reported ghosts sightings, I was quite skeptical on whether any of the claims were actually true. However, I came to the hotel open to the possibility that I may have a paranormal experience of my own, and indeed I did. When I went to the Stanley I was a skeptic, but left as a believer in spirits of the deceased.

Room 217: One Of Stanley’s Most Famous Rooms

With 420 rooms, perhaps the most popular is room 217. One reason is because in 1974, author of horror, Stephen King, stayed the night in this room. King’s stay inspired him to write his horror novel called The Shining. Actor Jim Carrey also stayed in room 217. However, it is believed that he had an experience that was so frightening, he demanded another room away from the Stanley Hotel. Interestingly, Carrey refused to tell what he experienced that night.

In addition to the famous staying in room 217, many guests have reported ghost activity. Some say they have seen shadows that pass through the walls. Others report leaving the room and returning to find their luggage unpacked, or their shoes neatly lined up on the end of their bed. There have also been reports by unmarried couples claiming that a woman goes in their bed between them. The belief is that she has intentions of supporting the morality standards of her time. Many believe that the woman, or spirit, is Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth Wilson: A Maid In Stanley’s Early Days

Wilson was one of the first maids employed at the Stanley. Back in the summer of 1911, she was involved in a serious accident. She was working in room 217, and was lighting acetylene lanterns. Then, a gas leak lead to an explosion that caused Wilson to go through the floor. Although she was buried under two floors of debris, amazingly, she survived the accident with nothing more than broken ankles. In the 1950’s, Elizabeth Wilson passed away.

The Three Experiences That Forever Changed My Belief In Ghosts

Below are the three paranormal experiences I had in room 217.

The First Experience Of The Night: Occurred Around 8:00 p.m.

The first event of the night happened at around 8:00 p.m. shortly after my partner and I came back from the grocery store. As we were sitting down and relaxing, suddenly we heard what sounded like a cart being pushed outside of our door. My partner immediately got up to see who it was. When he looked through the peephole, he didn’t see anyone out there.

While this particular experience was shocking and rather puzzling to the both of us, we decided to just let it go and see what else the night would bring.

Contacting The Dead: A Message To Ms. Wilson

A few hours later, nothing unusual happened. We agreed that reaching out to Ms. Wilson was the best thing to do. I figured that if nothing happened, at least I gave it a try. Before we went to bed, I tried to contact her using the words: “If you are really hear with us, prove it.”

My Second Experience: Occurred Around 2:30 a.m.

The craziest and scariest experience of the entire night happened at around 2:30 in the morning. Several hours after we reached out to Ms. Wilson, we were both woken up by a very loud noise. Just moments after we woke up, we heard people in rooms near us whispering and speaking to each other. At this point, I realized that we weren’t the only ones who heard the noise. If someone were to ask me to describe what the noise sounded like, I would say it sounded like someone had taken a massive object and used a lot of strength to slam it to the floor.

A Ridiculous Explanation For The Cause Of Such A Loud Noise

Laying on the floor the next morning was nothing more than my partner’s 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew. No. There was not a large object anywhere. Just a little bottle of soda.

The explanation for how the bottle fell to the floor is just one thing that immediately crossed my mind. What I thought was even more interesting was exactly how it could have caused a noise that woke up several people outside of our room. My only explanation was that it was not the soda. I believed it had to be Ms. Wilson’s direct response to our outreach hours earlier.

The Two Guests I Interviewed

It was about that time for us to pack our bags and leave the hotel. But before we left, I decided to listen to a conversation that was taking place outside of our room. People were talking about a loud noise they heard in the middle of the night. To get some more information, I quickly came out of the room and was able to speak to one of the guests.

A Woman Describes The Loud Noise She Heard In Middle Of The Night

I spoke with a guest who stayed the night with her daughter in a room located above ours. The woman claimed she also heard the loud noise at approximately 2:30 in the morning.

She said it was so loud, it sounded like a large barrel had hit something. Before the interview ended, she told me one more thing I found interesting. Just minutes before I had spoken with her, she said a guest who stayed in room 324 told her she had also heard the noise.

A Young Man Who Also Heard The Noise

As we were on our way to leave the Stanley, we were fortunate to run into a young man who wanted to speak with us. Him and his father stayed the night in room 326. He first wanted to tell us about the many orbs outside of our room, which he had taken some pictures of that night. What was more stunning to hear is that without us mentioning anything about the noise we heard, he said he was woken up late that night from what he called a “loud boom.”

The Last Paranormal Experience Of The Night: Occurred Around 4:00 a.m.

At around 4:00 a.m., I woke up again. However, this time things were actually calm. My partner was sleeping. Then, out of nowhere I heard a lady chuckling. It sounded like she was laying next to me and giggling directly in my ear. Despite the occurrence of yet another strange event, I was tired and wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. After everything that had happened during my stay, my belief in ghosts will never be the same.

The paranormal events that occurred the night I stayed at the Stanley Hotel has changed the way I feel about reported ghost sightings, and ghosts in general. I am now convinced that there probably really are spirits of the dead roaming the planet. My future plans are to visit other haunted places around the world, which could lead to more paranormal experiences.


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