September 26, 2017 8:06 am

During a road-trip across the United States, during which they must fight against the living dead, two former baseball players realize that they will also have to face their own demons…

After a zombie apocalypse has overtaken the entire New England area, two former baseball players – find out the latest baseball matches here – Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim), travel the back-roads of Connecticut with no destination in mind. Their backstory reveals that they were trapped in a house in Massachusetts, along with Mickey’s family, for three months.

This movie is a revival for the zombie universe. Gardner has been able to put aside the scenes of déjà vu in this type of movie to leave room for reflection and especially reactions frighteningly realistic. At the crossroads between Into the Wild and Walking Dead, this film is more focused on the adventure of two companions in the wilderness than on the survival-horror. This is far from unpleasant, but this film has rather its place in the adventure category. A well chosen soundtrack, convincing actors and nice scenery to the eye.

This movie deserves 5 stars!

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