December 8, 2017 6:35 pm

This is the moment a “phantom child” emerges from a doorway in an old corridor in an abandoned manor house, according to paranormal investigator.

The creepy video was shot at 17th century Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the largest private house in the UK.

Paranormal investigation team Soul Reaper Paranormal only saw the supposed apparition after reviewing the footage.

They had been filming while exploring the 23,000 square-yard building.

Wentworth Woodhouse once housed student accommodation but is now open to visitors after falling into disrepair.

Crew member Mark Vernon, who says he can communicate with spirits, told Mailonline: “In the video you can see a dark figure just standing there watching the cameraman.

“We didn’t see it until we reviewed all the footage afterwards. We were quite lucky, we’d only been there for about two minutes before we caught this.

“We had heard some reports of hauntings there, people saying not to go there. And that definitely seems to be the case.”

Mr Vernon, 51, said a different camera also picked up a deep growling sound when one of the members entered another room.

The property has been the scene of many spooky reports and featured on TV’s Most Haunted.

A promotional blurb about the video on YouTube said: “Here is an interesting clip of a small ghost like figure that was captured just before the dark entity that growled at me.

“Here the ghostly figure can be seen lingering the corridor before it fades out and appears to float through the wall.

“Was this a residual energy or could it have been a spirit that was trying to lead us somewhere.”

Some viewers were convinced something paranormal had been caught on camera.

One poster said: “It’s so clear, maybe a child? Well done guys – awesome as ever.”

Another said: “That’s crazy.”

While a third added: “Amazing the best proof yet , Well done lads.”

However, more sceptical viewers believe the “apparition” was nothing more than a flicker or shadow on the camera lens.

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