December 29, 2017 6:05 pm

A time not so long ago it transpired the case of the couple who had their victims stored in the refrigerator. Then a recording was leaked showing how the police searched the apartment where the so-called ‘cannibal couple’ resided in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

Shocking revelation about the cannibal couple and their “work”: “People tremble when they remember”. Now, there is a worse suspicion: they made other people eat human flesh without knowing it. It all seem as they sold pies made with people.

The couple, Dmitri and Natalia Bakshéyev, were arrested as suspects of having killed a woman. However, some media outlets claim that up to 30 people may have been eaten since 1999. While they were reviewing their home, the agents found seven packages in the refrigerator containing remains of human-looking bodies and 19 fragments of dead skin.

For their part, both members of that ‘cannibal couple’ confessed that they kept parts of some of the victims in that household appliance. In early September the remains of a woman were found in the military dormitory where the couple lived. The parts of the corpse were in a bucket.

Now, to complete the horror, it was learned that they suspect that Russian cannibals sold human meat pies to restaurants. According to the latest media reports from that country, Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva not only murdered and ate about 30 people, but also used the meat of their victims to make cakes that they then sold in restaurants and coffee shops in their city.

According to neighbors of the couple in the neighborhood located inside the premises of an aviation school in the city of Krasnodar, in southern Russia, Natalia offered “cakes” to local businesses and was promoted as a potential supplier of meat. Vitaly Yakubenko, the owner of a local coffee shop, confirmed that Natalia tried to sell her products.

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