January 30, 2018 3:23 pm

It’s a hard thing compile a list of the best horror movies of 2017 and not put ‘Get Out’ either on number 1 or 2. It managed to break through my best of all-time list and landed there on number 2. It provided me something I have been longing for. Jordan Peele managed to be the debut filmmaker that makes you look forward to his future productions. He came up with a combination horror, comedy, drama, social satire. Peele is the writer and director of this smart elegant film. Get Out also introduced me to a big talent in front of the camera, Daniel Kaluuya. He projects and provokes empathy, you will be in his shoes. If you are in Australia, you will even stop playing aussie pokies online and start feeling what he is feeling throughout the movie.

Instead of cheesy music and grotesque torture porn, Peele relies on the unknown to draw you in. The movie is set upon a plot which builds up like a slow boil to a terror explosion. Although there are evident clues from the first second, it takes the entire runtime to bring everything together. Ever since Cabin in the Woods, I have never seen a genre film this inventive. The resolve is very satisfying because it’s such a joy to be hit with a horror outcome by surprise.

The intelligence of the characters in Get Out is one of the things that took my heart in this movie. It is quite often to see a genre film with characters that don’t behave logically. There is nothing not to like about the horror. Beyond the deeper themes, the characters aren’t morons. I give credits to Peele for writing Characters that act rationally. Something is amiss, enough to warrant wariness. As events play out anyone in this situation would be unnerved as events play out.

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