February 12, 2018 1:14 pm

A young prisoner from Spain who has been officially declared dead by three doctors woke up on the autopsy table just before coroners were about to perform autopsy on him. You can only imagine how those poor coroners felt when a man they believed was dead suddenly opened his eyes on the autopsy table.

The 29-year-old prisoner who has risen from the dead is Gonzalo Montoya. Montoya was convicted of armed robbery and was sentenced to prison sentence at Penitentiary Center of Asturias, a jail in the northwestern part of Spain.

Last Sunday, the prison guards found Montoya in a lifeless state in his prison cell at Penitentiary Center of Asturias. They immediately called paramedics who determined that Montoya didn’t show any vital signs and they officially declared him dead.

As an official protocol of Penitentiary Center of Asturias which commands every inmate who dies in his cell at that jail has to undergo autopsy at Legal Medicine Institute of Oviedo, the “lifeless” Gonzalo Montoya was brought to that institute so that coroners could perform autopsy on him.

When Montoya’s body finally arrived at the Legal Medicine Institute in Oviedo, it was immediately put on an autopsy table so it could be autopsied. While coroners were preparing for Monteyo’s autopsy, they heard some strange noises but thought it was just faulty installations.

However, when they approached the autopsy table on which Monteyo’s body was lying, they screamed because Monteyo opened his eyes and asked where he was.

Monteyo was instantly transferred to the Central University Hospital of Asturias in Oviedo after “waking up” from the dead.

The paramedics who declared Monteyo dead are still baffled with this case. They believe Monteyo wasn’t actually dead, but he was in catalepsy, a state in which people lose consciousness and body sensations.

Prior to this shocking event, prison guards at Penitentiary Center of Asturias found Monteyo unconscious in his cell a couple of times.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella