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Love them or not, the next remake of a classic horror franchise is never too far away. The following remakes-to-come will reintroduce horror legends to a new generation, as opposed to telling a new story. One of these is even a remake of a remake. We’ll clue you into which one that is in our list of the top four horror movies currently in development.

Friday the 13th

The franchise has survived a total of 12 movies so far, including a 2009 reboot and a Freddie crossover. The first movie aside, Jason has been the killer in each one of the movies. He drowned as a boy because he wasn’t been looked after properly by the counsellors at Crystal Lake and come back to seek revenge on pretty much anyone and everyone.

A television series was cancelled by The CW before it even aired, but the remake looks set to go ahead. The movie will explore the killer’s origins (again) and will once again involve his mother.

Friday the 13th is generally believed to have a lot of owe to the Halloween franchise. Halloween is still regarded as the godfather of the modern slasher movie and influenced countless 80’s horrors, while becoming a darling of popular culture. Not only has the 1978 classic spawned numerous sequels, including a 2007 remake, it’s made its way into other aspects of entertainment, such as in several comic books, novels, and multiple video games, such as Halloween The Game and Dead By Daylight. There’s even an online slot game, with Casinogames.ca offering up to date tips and bonuses for all casino games, including Halloween Online Slot.

The Grudge

The 2004 version of The Grudge was a remake itself, an American-Japanese remake of a 2002 Japanese film, Ju-On: The Grudge.

The original remake, which saw Sarah Michelle Geller play an American exchange student in Tokyo, revolved around a curse that creates entities when people die of extreme sorrow or rage, and passes through one victim to the next. The 2004 version spawned two sequels. There was one sequel to the Japanese original.

Jeff Buhler is set to write the screenplay for the upcoming remake.

Interview with the Vampire

The 1994 movie was based on the 1976 Anne Rice novel of the same name. The story centres around a centuries-old vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) telling his story to a reporter (Christian Slater), a recount of having been turned into a vampire by Lestat (Tom Cruise).

New Mutants director Josh Boone will helm the remake, having co-penned the script with Jill Killington, his writing partner on All We Had. Jared Leto is rumoured to be favourite to play Lestat.

The Birds

A remake of a classic Hitchcock movie, The Birds will tell the story of wealthy San Fran socialite Melanie Daniels who visits a small town in Northern California with her potential boyfriend. The getaway turns out to be less than romantic when the town is attacked by birds. The film was adapted from a Daphne Du Maurier short story. There was also a 1994 TV movie sequel called The Birds 2: Land’s End (1994).

Michael Bay is producing the remake, along with Universal, Mandalay, and Platinum Dunes.

At least one of these remakes may never happen or could reside in development hell for a very long time before it does. For now, however, they appear to be very much on the cards.

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