February 19, 2018 1:43 pm

A website recently collected horror stories from people all over the world, and here are the worst -best- of the collection. They not quite the stuff of kids movies, so be warned! Enjoy!

The Canine Spirit-Whisperer 

A Facebook user wrote of her dog developing an irritating habit of scratching at the door in the middle of the night. Let’s call her Amanda.

Amanda reported that one evening her dog simply would not stop gouging at the door for any reason. Amanda called her over repeatedly, and threw a pillow at the door in an attempt to get her to stop. Amanda reported that that was the point where her dark started barking -from right beside her. The dog has been sitting there the whole time!

If that story sends shivers up your spine, then read on! You can always spend some time at a CAD casino when you are done to get the frightening images out of your head.

Shadow Figures in the Roof

Another story came from, let’s say, Mark.

Mark reported that, when he was little, every single evening, after the lights were turned off, two dark figures would descend from the ceiling in the spot nearest the doorway going into his room. They would then walk quickly up to his bed, standing on each side of the headboard, and look at him. He reported that he would cover his head with his blanket, and remain there until they disappeared as silently as they had come. One day he found the courage to tell his mom what was going on. She put a bedside lamp in his room, and told her son to pray, asking the figures to leave him alone. It worked, but Mark still sleeps with the light on.

Embraced from Beyond the Grave 

Our third entry is from someone we will call Vanessa. When Vanessa’s dad passed away in 1996, Vanessa was ten-years old, her brother 12. They slept in a bunk bed, with her older brother claiming the top.

One night Vanessa woke up in the middle of the night because someone was softly caressing her head. She jumped out, confronting her brother – who was sound asleep above her, snoring softly. She went back to bed, the caresses continued, and she prayed out loud until the sun come up.

Bloodied Bony Hands in Bed 

Sharise, for the point of this article, was around eight- or nine-years old, and lived with her mother and grandmother. Her mom worked in the evenings, and she and Sharise shared a double bed. One evening Sharise felt something strange in the room, and, after opening her eyes, she spotted hands wrapping around the bed from underneath it. The hands were bloodied, and the bones were visible through the hanging skin, and Sharise watched them trying to climb up the bed. She turned away, horror-struck, and saw a white, shadowy figure lying next to her. She eventually managed to get out of there, and raced through to her grandmother’s room, who didn’t have the courage to go and investigate what had tried to get hold of little Sharise!

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