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What frightens you? There are some really scary experiences out there for you to explore if you enjoy getting a good shiver running up and down your spine.

Scary Things You May See in a Casino 

Have a look at some of the most frightening things to do when next you visit a land-based casino! While not as haunted as some other types of buildings you could explore, there are plenty of scary experiences in store for those who dare…

A Sky Jump at the Stratosphere 

The Sky Jump that the Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower provides is a controlled freefall from floor no 108.  You can visit 50 euro bez depozytu. It is the only Sky Jump in the whole of North America, and one of highest in the world.

Sky Jump’s response to being asked whether it is a frightening experience or not, available on their FAQ page, sums it up. They simply ask you to consider the fact that you will be jumping off the 108th floor of a building to fall 855 feet at an alarming speed, and ask you to make up your own mind!

Scarily Good Halloween Slots

There are many betting slots games that are based on Halloween themes, and while tons of these appear in land-based casinos, without a doubt the best place to locate them is at sites providing the online slots Canada and the rest of the world have available. You can find all sorts of games online, including vampire games, halloween themes, slots with mummies, spooky slots, and those featuring monsters, werewolves, wizards, and witches.

Outrageous ATM Fees 

If you decide to visit a land-based casino anywhere in the world, make sure you bring as much money with you as you intend to spend. If you run out, and decide to make a withdrawal from one of the ATM machines, you need to be prepared for unbelievable fees.

Most casinos charge US$6 for withdrawing the first US$100,, and the fees get higher the more you draw, although they do fall to a lower percentage of the overall total. The easiest way to get around this, and a great tip for any kind of betting, is to decide on a budget beforehand and make sure you stick to it.

The Elevators at the Imperial Palace 

These are not scary in the sense that they won’t get you to the floor you are heading to safely, but you may have to wait as many as 45 minutes from the beginning of your journey to the end! And anything that is only able to transport you at 2 feet a minute is a frighteningly long wait time. Take the stairs instead.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Going to a wax museum is always good in terms of getting the creep factor rising. Madame Tussauds, situated at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, is a wonderful example. The wax models you will see are frighteningly realistic, and there is something about almost-human figures that give the bravest among us pause.

Bachelorette Parties 

Bachelor parties have come to be seen as wild outings where the boys involved go crazy and do all of the outrageous things they have always secretly wanted to. But the reality is that they are nothing compared to the bachelorette parties!

For some reason, women go insane in Sin City, cruising The Strip, making a scene, accosting strangers, and behaving in some very unexpected ways.


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