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Supernatural Assault is one of scariest, factual documentary films ever made.


Imagine a sinister shadowy figure emerging from the darkest corner of your bedroom. Chills run down your spine as you find yourself paralyzed, unable to move or cry out for help.  These terrifying encounters happen every single night around the world, and many of them are coupled with reports of physical assaults and sexual attacks.  Throughout history, a number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe encounters involving a moving shadowy form. This phenomena is commonly known as “shadow people”.

There has been much speculation as to what or who shadow people are.  Recent research points to the Djinn, a race of spiritual beings who are well documented in Islamic culture and theology.  With terrifying witness testimonies, expert opinions and dramatic reenactments,‘Supernatural Assault’ explores the sinister agenda of the Djinn and examines the link between this ancient supernatural race and the shadow people phenomena. This eerie documentary will bring your worst nightmares to life leaving you wondering if you’ll be their next victim.


Paul Taitt  has been reading, observing and researching many aspects of the paranormal world since his early childhood.  His fascination of the unknown began as far back as 1976 and stemmed from the strange and truly frightening experiences he had as a young boy, while living in his native country of England.  One such experience involved disturbing visitations from an ominous shadowy entity.  Paul would often wake up to see the sinister shadowy form standing right next to his bed staring right down at him.  These unsettling paranormal encounters provided Paul with the desire to learn more about the spirit world and has since led him on a life time journey of discovery and enlightenment in the many areas and topics of the unknown.

Pauls real interest in shadow people  began back in the late 1980’s, when he had a bizarre supernatural encounter with a Shadow Being, in the Chislehurst Caves, which are a 22 mile long series of intersecting underground tunnels, in Southeast London. Paul, along with a German female tourist witnessed an event that would change his whole outlook on the reality we live in.  In addition, this event would be the driving force behind Paul’s fascination on the subject of the shadow people and in his own words “proved beyond any doubt that these things really do exist”.

Paul an accomplished and professional Videographer has since relocated to New England.  Shortly after arriving in the United States he had the opportunity to serve as part of a paranormal investigation team, where he acted as an Investigator and Videographer.  During this time he visited many haunted locations and bore witness to some very disturbing and interesting phenomena.

Paul’s love of film making and the paranormal finally merged, when in 2007, he released his first documentary film, ‘YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE’ which focuses on the frightening subject of sleep paralysis.  This documentary due to be re-released in the fall of 2018, was featured on an American talk show, called The Rachael Ray Show and was also featured in the 2013, American supernatural thriller titled ‘SHADOW PEOPLE’ which was a film that Paul also contributed to and made an appearance in.

Now comes Paul’s latest installment of terror, in his new documentary film titled ‘SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT’ (Terror From The Shadows).  This documentary film is available in both streaming and physical DVD form. This will be the first of many Dark Element Films, planned for release over the coming years.

Whether it’s supernatural or unexplained, Dark Element Films will be sure to entertain you with concepts and ideas surrounding the unknown and the many other strange and fascinating mysteries of life.

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Are the Ancient Supernatural Djinn Reclaiming the Earth?

With reports of nightly visitations and assaults by shadow people on the rise, who, or what could be behind these strange and sometimes terrifying supernatural encounters? There are researchers and scholars today who believe that a faction of the supernatural race known as the Djinn are responsible. It is also believed that this evil faction is motivated by revenge and that they are seeking to restore their dominance over the Earth.

The History of The Djinn

The Arabic word Jinn, also romanized as djinn, is from the verb ‘Janna’ which means to hide or conceal.  The Djinn are intelligent spirits with a sorted history of uprising, banishment and demonic behaviors. The first stories of the Djinn emerged from early Arabian culture and were later adopted by Islamic theology. Also known as Jinn or Genies, The Djinn is a lower rank of angels that can appear in humanoid, shadow and animal forms and are able to possess humans.

The Djinn were without original form, they were spiritual beings made from a scorching, smokeless fire, that in today’s terms would probably be described as a type of plasma.  It is said that the djinn are masterful shape-shifters, with the ability to choose any form they like. In Islamic belief, djinn are often associated with the forms of human shaped shadows, snakes and dogs.

According to legend, the Djinn inhabited the earth before mankind, approximately 2000 years prior to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Originally they were equal to angels in stature.  When God created Adam, he told the angels to bow to him and the angels respected this request. But the leader of the Djinn, a spirit known as Iblis (also known as Shaytan), refused and proclaimed he would not bow to a being that was inferior to his own race.

As a result of his refusal Iblis and the rest of the Djinn were cast out of paradise, banished to another dimensional realm.  Iblis appealed and the Djinn were given the opportunity to redeem themselves by Judgment Day. From this day forward he became a figure comparable to the Devil (Satan). His evil-minded followers were then called devils, and they behaved in ways similar to Western demons.

However, the Djinn were believed to have free will so some of them were not evil followers of Iblis. Rather, they were good spirits. It is believed that the Djinn lead lives with families similar to humans.

The Wrath of The Djinn

Adding to the mystery and intimidation of the Djinn is their ability to shape-shift into a variety of forms. Originally they were described as plasma-like beings made from scorching smokeless fire. In Islamic belief, the Djinn are often associated with forms of human shadows, snakes and dogs.

Many scholars and researchers have suggested the Djinn are inter-dimensional beings that are able to traverse time and space. They enter our reality from the world of the unseen through inter-dimensional gateways and portals. And these channels may allow them to menacingly infiltrate homes and bedrooms across the globe to frighten people beyond their wildest nightmares.

Recent research has connected the Djinn with the shadow people phenomenon. It is believed that these non-material predators are the culprits behind the terrifying visitations that many people experience each night worldwide.  It has been suggested that some of the more hostile Djinn are taking these shadowy forms in an attempt to terrorize mankind as payback for taking their place on the planet.

The most evil types of Djinn listed below are said to be responsible for a large number of possessions and evil manifestations that have been reported over the centuries:

The Ifrit (variation: afrit) is cited only once in the Qur’an and is an evil and powerful Djinni that is difficult to control.

The shaitan (shaytan) is a rebellious, malevolent Djinni associated with demonic forces.

The marid is unruly and rebellious, and the most powerful of Djinn. Their great knowledge of magic has assisted kings and priests over the years. They are also known as “blue” Djinn and are the ones most often associated with wish-granting genies.

The nasnas are half-human, half-animal monstrous beasts created by wizards and priest to guard their strongholds. Although they only have one leg, they are quite able-bodied and can scare anyone from miles away with their blood-curdling screeches.

Are the Djinn attempting to reclaim dominion over the Earth and insert their evil ways into our reality?  And are the Djinns what we’ve come to know as shadow people, lurking in the darkness, actualizing our deepest fears and greatest nightmares?

For many people, the threat of the Djinn is real. They believe ancient beings roamed this earth long before mankind ever set foot on this planet. And if we keep our heads buried in the sand they will without a doubt take it back.


Are Shadow People Lurking in Your Bedroom?

Imagine a sinister shadowy figure emerging from the darkness, sending chills down your spine to the point you are paralyzed with panic, terror and dread. There’s no escaping the horror of your worst fear coming true. Then in an instant, the sinister looking being retreats back into blackness, only to return again when you least expect. This real-life nightmare of encounters with ominous supernatural entities happens every single night around the world.

They are called Shadow People and they may one day come for you.

What are Shadow People?

Darker than darkness itself, shadow people are plucked from your deepest fears and then become a reality. These non-material, phantom figures give the perception of a shadowy patch in humanoid, animal-like or blobby forms. Sometimes they appear as a black foggy mass that can block out all light behind them or a cloud that envelops your body, leaving you trembling in fright but unable to move, speak or cry out.

Shadow people usually loom at night when their presence is most startling and eerie. Their actions range from lingering bedside or consuming their victims’ body with heart-pounding and incapacitating horror. Reports of violent physical assaults and sexual attacks are also common during these petrifying encounters.

Perhaps shadow people are so terrifying because they are said to possess supernatural abilities. These inter-dimensional beings are able to move through our reality at incredible speeds, pass through walls and shape-shift into any form of their choosing.  Shadow people are known to momentarily appear in the corner of your eye and dart out of view when you turn to look straight at them.

Scarier yet, shadow people can appear in a variety of forms including classic humanoid silhouettes, the sinister looking hat man, and the insidious wizened hag.  Other shadow forms reported are the black ethereal fog-like mist, many different animal shadows, and ghastly flying winged creatures like the ones reported in the Mothman incidents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The History of Shadow People

The threat of Shadow People is not a new phenomenon. For centuries many cultures have shared reports of assaults by entities from the world of the unseen. Renowned artists dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries depict shadowy beings in their work, and newspaper stories in the early 19th-century retell the monstrosity of supernatural attacks. More recently shadow people have captivated the imagination of the masses on radio talk shows like Coast to Coast AM.

In addition, shadow people have been featured on the big screen in movies such as the 2013 supernatural thriller Shadow People, and have terrorized viewers at home in independent productions like the 2015 American documentary The Nightmare.

A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe encounters with shadowy spiritual beings, supernatural entities, or shades of the underworld.  Egyptians called the shadow khaibut, while the Roman word for shadow was umbra, also meaning ‘the shade’.  The land of Shades was believed to be the underworld where peoples’ shadows went after death.  In Greece, people were known to dedicate their shadows or give them over to a God such as Zeus.

Explaining Shadow People

There has been much speculation as to what or who shadow people are and why they plague certain people.  Some believe them to be extraterrestrial in origin, inter-dimensional beings, or demonic entities. Others claim they are nothing more than spirits or ghosts of long-dead ancestors.  More recent research points to the Djinn, a race of spiritual beings who are well documented in Islamic culture and religion.

Many scholars and researchers believe shadow people feed off of the vibrational energy produced by fear.  That is, they purposefully appear in forms designed to terrify their victims, driving fear levels to the extreme.

Skeptics and mainstream scientists – most of whom have never experienced the shadow people phenomenon themselves – deny their existence and purport their perception as nothing more than the active human imagination.

The Rise of Shadow People

No one knows for sure why encounters with creepy phantom entities are on the rise but there is one thing we do know: people who have been confronted by these malevolent bedroom invaders are usually left with a feeling of terror, confusion, isolation, and disbelief. Many of them are often too afraid and embarrassed to share their supernatural experiences. And for some, the encounters are so vivid, extraordinary, and traumatic they begin to question their own sanity.  In fact, some people choose not to speak openly about it for fear of being labeled “crazy”.

Could these shadow beings really be the ancient race known to the Islamic world as the Djinn?

What could explain the alarming increase in encounters with these invasive, illusive, non-material entities known as shadow people?

We may never know for sure the truth behind the existence of the Djinn in shadow form or fully understand the reasons for the reign of terror currently being waged against regular, everyday people. But the supernatural assaults, sexual attacks, and terrifying visitations currently being reported will continue to happen in homes and bedrooms all across the world this very night.

Remember this! If you open your eyes tonight to complete darkness, are paralyzed, unable to move or cry out and you see a shadowy entity in the room.  This could be the night that you yourself will experience a full-blown, supernatural assault!

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