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Ghosts are as diverse as the humans and animals they originate from. They can vary from fully detailed visitations, where it is clear whom or what spirits presence you are in, to barely-there wisps and invisible company.

Due to the massive number of visitations that have been recorded, the clue to the type of ghost has been found in the environment they are encountered in rather than who or what they are.

Therefore, ghost investigators agree that ghost classification is more complicated than simply a person or animal coming to haunt you.

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Doppelgängers are ghosts of living people, unlike the pop culture belief that Doppelgängers are a person’s double. The use of the word Doppelgänger to describe a person with similarities to another, regardless of how alarmingly close they are, is incorrect.

True Doppelgangers are ghosts of living people seen at the same time as their live counterparts at different locations. They are believed to be a bad omen, a prelude to a person’s death.

Haunted Inanimate Objects

Chucky may be the haunted object that comes to mind, but in truth any object can be haunted. We need to clarify here that the object itself is not a ghost but rather a ghost is using an object as a means of communication.

There are numerous reasons a ghost would attach themselves to inanimate objects. Some ghosts may have trouble crossing over, therefor they cling to a familiar object that was important to them when they were alive, and others are simply popping in for a visit to a meaningful piece of their former life.

Crisis Apparitions

Crisis apparitions can be put into two classes, a normal crisis apparition and a delayed crisis apparition. The first is not a ghost per se, but rather a projection from the person in crisis, possibly an accident victim or person on their deathbed.

The person in crisis projects themselves to a close friend or family member during their crisis often unknowingly and is technically an aberration of the mind. In the case of a delayed crisis apparition the ‘sender’ has already passed and this is an actual ghostly visitation.


Manifestations are the result of energy left behind from prior events. This often happens in the case of violent death, unsolved death or unsolved mystery.

This is the basis of many movies where the ghosts continue to stay in the same place repeatedly living the same moment. Depending on how emotionally charged the event that resulted in death was, a manifestation can range from an unseen ‘presence’ to a full-blown life like vision.


Poltergeist hauntings are usually directly related to a living person. Signs of poltergeist hauntings are usually manipulation of the ghost’s physical environment.

These noisy ghosts will move household objects around and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Poltergeists rely on the additional energy that a specific person brings into an environment. Therefor when that person leaves, the poltergeist no longer has enough energy to continue with its haunting.

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