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Whether you are a believer or just curious, there are several sites that will give you the chills regardless of whether you encounter a ghost human or animal.

However, the tours are still fun, and you never know, you may change your mind about all things supernatural. Here is a list of the best ghost tours in the world.

Paris Catacombs, Paris

A side of Paris not many tourists know about, below the streets of this cosmopolitan city are 200 miles of tunnels. Welcome to the Paris Catacombs, home to more than six million people’s bones, moved there from over full Parisian cemeteries.

Entrance into the catacombs is through the aptly named “Gate of Hell”, and visitors have encountered the ghosts of explorers who ventured in and never returned.

The disembodied voices of angry ghosts whom cannot find peace after having their graves disturbed are also regularly reported.

For some the scariest part of this tour is the 200 odd steps you need to climb in and out of the tunnels. So, if that sounds like too much exercise for you? Stay in and do some online betting NZ instead.

Salem Tours, Massachusetts

Home to the famous Salem witch trials, this beautiful town has several ghostly themed tours on offer.

You walk through the town in the evening by lantern light to the sites of multiple witch executions. Considering the horrific nature of the deaths of falsely accused witches, you are bound to bump into an angry spirit or two, perhaps even in a local diner.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, England

Originally built as a decoy to give enemy bombers an alternative target to the supply lines, the bunker has served several different purposes throughout its lifetime.

Now open to the public, the tours offer visitors insight into the pre-war preparations of the British.

The bunker site has seen hundreds of deaths since and today you can visit the stern faced Commanding Officer that still roams its tunnels.

However, beware and only go if you are a dog lover, the ghosts of two dogs still protect the entrance.

Q Station, Sydney

The site of 600 deaths, Sydney’s Q Station was once a quarantine zone for migrants started in the 1830’s.

Many migrants spent their last days locked up in its rooms and today you can take along a sleeping bag and spend your evening in those very rooms. The original building walls still carry the engravings from many of its former residents.

Visitors have reported seeing various ghosts, and physical items being moved around. From a small child wanting to play, to the Matron wandering the halls looking for the lost people that are supposed to be in her care.

Winchester Mystery House, California

Once the home of Sarah Winchester, the house is said to be haunted by the victims of the rifles her husband sold.

Stories of Sarah include her sleeping in a different room each night so her ghostly tormentors couldn’t find her, and that the secret passages throughout the house were built so the spirits would remain lost inside forever.

The house features 2000 doors, some leading to nowhere, and oddities like a cabinet that extends through all the rooms on one side of the house.

The renovation of what was originally a small farmhouse took 36 years and ceased only when Sarah passed away. The result? A peculiar mansion, flooded with ghosts and featuring 160 rooms, 2 basements, 40 bedrooms and 10 000 windows.

You can enjoy a flashlight tour through the maze of passages that make up Winchesters home.

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