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Almost everybody is familiar with what a vampire should be like. I’ll bet 99% of people think of Dracula when thinking about the undead creature known as a vampire. Whether the ghouls exist or not is open for debate. But, when you hear stories of vampires coming from our brave men and women in the military I personally think that it would be wrong to question their truthfulness and honor. So, this is an article I have written and summarized about the vampires in Afghanistan.

“They come out at night, sometimes people come up missing, especially kids. They even pull their animals inside when the vampires are out.” – Soldier at Bagram, Afghanistan.

Tim King of the Salem news was sent on a two-month adventure to Afghanistan by his bosses at the newspaper where he worked. He was embedded with a combat infantry unit in Afghanistan and everywhere they went he went. On his journeys a man came to him to tell him about the Afghan Vampires that stalk the night.

He was told that the indigenous population of the area were terrified of the creatures. They would never wander far from the lights of their own home because of the fear that they or their children would be snatched up never to be seen again. After asking the villagers and locals about it he found that they did indeed believe in a vampiric creature roaming the dark night. He heard many stories about livestock being killed and all the animal’s blood being sucked out. He heard tales from the villagers about children and adults that went missing when they wandered from the light of the village after dark.

Another story that comes from the area is one about two infantry soldiers out at a machine gun encampment in the middle of the desert. Their job was to keep on the look out for potential enemies. As the story goes it was around three A.M in the morning and it was very dark outside. The soldiers split shifts watching and so one was asleep while the other watched out. Suddenly, a black figure approached the foxhole they were in. It was so black that it could be seen against the background of the inky night.

The soldier on duty woke his comrade up to have him take a look. The second man quietly woke up and confirmed that indeed there was something out there. The thing was abnormally tall about 7-8 feet and very thin and was twice as dark as the night sky. The soldiers put on their night vision goggles to get a better look at the thing, so they could decide what it was and if they would have to shoot. As they donned the googles the man like creature looked over at them. As it turned it’s head the heat coming from it’s eyes was so powerful it threatened to cancel out the heat vision on the goggles. They slowly turned the machine gun on the monster and its bright eyes affected the thermal image on the gun. It was not so bad, however, that the warrior was not able to get a bead on it. As the man stood ready to fire the creature simply cocked its head in a confused manner and skulked away back into the night. According to the soldier in the article it was the first time that he had discussed the story to anyone but the man who was in the foxhole with him that night. A very bizarre report comes from Afghanistan on January 25th 2002 near the caves of Tora Bora. Their radio equipment starting to act up and the source of the disruptions were coming from a large nearby cave.

Three of the soldiers decided to investigate and shut it down. They suspected the interference was coming from enemy troops so they entered and ventured slowly into the dark tunnel of the cave. Without warning the point man screamed in pain. A booby trap had broken his back. Not just that though, he was saying that a large creature with the features of a woman and the wings of a bird had flown over him at the same time.

His comrades assumed that he was hallucinating from the intense pain of his broken spine. The two remaining soldiers called for a medic/rescue team and decided to go find the source of the disruption which their instruments told them was close.  They were gone only a moment when they heard gunshots and screams coming from the injured soldiers’ position. The two ran back to him and found him ripped to shreds and all his blood was gone. As the two stood over the fallen man they were also attacked by a winged creature with the features of a woman and it sounded like more were on their way. The men were soon overwhelmed by the ferocity of the creatures and fired wildly into the horde of screaming harpies while calling for help on the radios. By the time the rescue team arrived only one person, bloody and badly injured was left to tell the story.

Are there Vampires in Afghanistan? I personally never like to say never. I’m positive there a lot of things left to discover in this Universe.


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